Gov Palin – Do you think that abstinence only sexual education has worked in your family?

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    why is this even an issue?

    people should be able to make their own decisions about their cooters and bisquits

    and WTF is wrong with abstinence?

    also abstinence only sounds retarded. if one abstains, there is no need for other methods, by definition, right?


    natedog has no sex life.


    The problem is that abstinence republicans want to make condoms and abortions illegal.

    When a politician says ‘abstinence’ they don’t mean “abstinence for some people if they want” they mean “I will fucking slam the hammer of draconian legislation on you if your every action isn’t in line with my wacko non-biblical christian ideology”


    It’s called abstinence-only sex education because the “only” part refers to the education, not the abstinence. It teaches only abstinence in regard to sex education, to the exclusion of everything else (IE condoms, birth control methods, etc).


    Born Again Christians = Uber Hypocrites

    Didn’t Bush and the Republicans try to pass a bill banning all types of Birth Control not to long ago? Idiots!


    I Don’t recall the republican party being hardcore anti-birth control. half my family is republican.

    Even so i doubt it would ever happen. And not all born again christians are anti-birth control. It’s the catholic church and as far as i am concerned they are not real christians.


    Goddamn i fucking hate politics.


    I agree :\


    Catholics aren’t christians? Is that some distinction the christians make amongst themselves? To me (not christian, not baptized, went to church a couple of times when invited to a wedding), that sounds…ummm, wrong. Not trying to troll, genuinely curious.


    The Bush Administration is quietly trying to redefine “abortion” to include birth control.



    Well if it is true then holy fuck. I stopped supporting bush years ago btw but i don’t like hopping on the BUSH=PURE EVIL bandwagon. Only thing i don’t get is how CNN managed to get Confidential documents without the government pounding down their ass.

    I attended a catholic school as a non denominational Christian and i was subject to the full on hypocrisy of these so called Christians. I mean everything from having false gods to harsh judgment over mundane issues. They prey on the weak of mind and twist and turn the word of Christ to suit their own beliefs. The funny thing about it is that i believe in Christ and God. Thats why i don’t call myself Christian, because i can’t get behind what the name represents these days. Christianity is hardly about christ anymore. To me – as in this is my personal belief not the belief of all christians-A real christian doesn’t judge, a real christian forgives people regardless of how evil they are(Love the sinner hate the sin so to say)and don’t run around passing judgement and claim to do things in the name of christ just because they think christ might agree with them. I could go on for hours.


    Catholicism was born from something “Christian” but quickly went the way of an over-powered government. The people of the time were to dumb to know that the shit they were quietly excepting was actually shit. They thought they were heavenly nuggets of wonder and awe, but no, it was shit. Lots and lots of shit that made the people think that the Church-Government was right about everything.

    That’s why Protestants existed in the first place, to protest this type of behavior.


    original post-

    yeah, too bad they don’t believe in killing babies, that would simplify things a lot


    I see what you guys are saying…I think. While catholicism started out as a christian religion, it became something else over time and post-95 theses non-catholics religions stopped considering roman/greco/russian orthodox as true christianity. Is that about right?

    I asked because I considered both “christian” and noticed since moving to WV that many believe as you do (thelotuseater725)and I never quite understood the distinction. I guess I really should have understood considering the sorta recent (and the definitely not so recent) problems in Ireland (aside from the political hate).


    : Don’t listen to Protestant Propaganda. Catholocism is essentially the oldest type of Biblical Christianity (early Jewish Christians didn’t have Gospels – they were written in Greek).

    Gradually the Catholic Churches entered into Schisms, and then those entered into schisms. This is roughly a map of modern sects:

    1) Othodox (incl. Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Ethiopian). Still based on the early hierarchy of the primitive, pre-Constantine Church and influenced heavily by the pre-Constantine theologians. MOST of these Churches are currently in “communion” which means they agree to disagree (ie about the Pope).

    2) Protestant (Lutheran is the big one, with lots of tiny ones as well; Calvinist, Presbyterian are on the fringes). Basically a major rebellion against the Church. They didn’t like the Church’s rigid hierarchies, but were VERY political, and mainly gained support because it was a way for petty European states to rebel against Rome and Vienna.

    There is VERY LITTLE theology involved in the Protestant/Catholic difference, except for the less rigid hierarchy and a lot of cruft like sacraments.

    Some of the most brutal wars in the history of the world were fought over this cruft. People talk about the Crusades and the Spanish inquisition, but between the persecution of the Catholics in England and many petty states, the persecution of the Protestants in France and many other petty states, the Thirty years’ war (in which one soldier died for every 1000 civilians or so, and much of Europe was burned), the Irish rebellions, the Irish persecutions, conflicts in the New World, The English cycle of civil wars etc etc.

    My personal favourite is when the Protestants started nailing babies to church doors in England.

    Basically, you can be an ignorant dickwad and pretend the number of sacraments is religiously significant, but ultimately the Protestant movement was a Political movement, and one of the most brutal in history.

    3) Anabaptist – Quaker is the least extreme of these, Amish is the most. Lot’s of focus on agriculture, removing yourself from society if it conflicts with the ten commandments, that kind of thing.

    Baptist is a Protestant/Anabaptist hybrid. Anglican is Protestant, but with much stronger Catholic residue than most.


    In reality there is very little difference amongst the sects, except for certain Anabaptists, but there have never been many hard-line Anabaptists.


    And, for the record, none of the differences between Catholic, Lutheran, and Anglican are derived from the Bible, except for strained “interpretations” of the Bible. Most of the differences lies in later theological discourse. Jesus wouldn’t know what the fuck any of these people were killing each other over.


    Christianity as a whole is kinda fucked up.

    tiki god

    Christians, by their very definition, think that Christ is God. Thus, if your a part of a religion that worships Christ, then you are a christian. last time I checked, catholics worship jesus as a god, right? Just because they don’t speak to the same speaking bush that other christians do doesn’t make them any less christiany.

    it’s an issue because this is one of her core campaign / personal beliefs. She’s also a young earth creationist apparently. See when people are all up in airs over something and then get busted for it, that’s when it becomes an issue.

    So if you’re a Governor (say of Florida) and you’re strict on drug offenders, giving them no options after arrest other then prison, and your own daughters gets busted stealing pain killers from Walgreens, then people take notice.

    Or if you’re railing against the evils of teh queers, and you get caught turning tricks in some podunk bathroom stale with some other dude.

    Just like if you’re running on a family values tour and one of your core tenets is abstinence, and your underage daughter gets knocked up. People notice this shit and laugh. Justly so.


    grasping at straws. so what? she got $27 Million for a small town in Alaska. She kicks ass.


    Tiki. You fail to see what is important here…Boobs


    @tiki some christians don’t believe christ is god thats why there are splits between different christians some think he his divine, some partially divine, and some human. i can’t think of the examples and i am to lazy to look them up but i can if you’re too lazy or not wanting to.


    : Is it 426 AD? Most of the “Christological” debates were settled before the seventh or eighth century. A few revivals have taken place (with very few followers, the Jehovah’s Witness being the most famous) but for the most part all the sects agree on standard high medieval trinitarianism for their Christology position.


    Mother Earth rocks!


    Religion aside (if that’s even possible) –
    Abstinence-only sex ed is just ridiculous.
    It doesn’t work, plain and simple.
    It means that in sex education class, they don’t get the full picture, they don’t get information on birth control like the pill, condoms, etc, they don’t really get any or all of the info on STD’s, abortion, etc. The kids are just sat down in a classroom and told “this is sex. don’t do it. at all.”
    Just telling a teenager to not do something “because we said so”, and expecting them to listen to you is just fucking retarded. They’re teenagers, and we’re talking about sex – they’ll go and do it anyway.
    Abstinence-only sex ed just means that when they go do it, they aren’t equipped with the information or ‘protection’ to do it safely, or to know what the fuck to do when it goes wrong.
    It just leads to more underaged parents and as a result possibly neglected and unwanted children, and kids with STDs or AIDS, or teenaged girls needing abortions (that they’re conservative parents probably won’t allow them to have).
    Completely. Fucking. Retarded.

    /end rant


    Abstinence-Only Sex Ed can hardly be called ‘sexual education’ at all.


    natedog has a child, sir. Therefore he has had sex at least one time. I’m guessing it’s more than that.


    “republicans want to make condoms and abortions illegal”
    WHAT!?? That’s some hardcore horseshit. This must be another one of those “Hey, one(or a small group) of Republicans do this so therefore they all do it. Just like all Republicans are a clone of George Bush and Hitler. They’re all racist too!” lies that people spread.


    Even the Republicans think Palin is a stupid, gimmicky choice that will cost McCain the election:


    Exacerbate, seriously, I can’t state this hard enough: Even Libertarian Superhero Ron Paul wants to ban abortions and birth control look it up.

    Also, all Republicans *are* racist. As a mulato who has lived in the US for some time, I can back up that statement infinitely better than you can.




    natedog has 4 children.

    my wife also wakes me up by giving teh awesome head a couple of days a week! it sure beats the snooze button.

    also, even after the explanations, “abstinence only” is still an oxymoron.

    but abstinence should be an option, shouldn’t it? if someone chooses not to fuck, then they should be allowed to not fuck anyone.

    i for one think that sex education should not be a formal class in school anyways. parents should take care of that shit at home.

    get it the fuck out of the election, too. this is all bullshit and mental fluff designed to keep people from exercising critical thinking skills.

    Failection 2008


    Even if Ron Paul’s personal feelings regarding birth control & abortion are what you described, his political stance is that it should be left in the hands of individual states to decide. He believes that decentralizing many of the things the federal government handles will allow people to better decide what kind of state they live in.

    Makes sense to me. You have a better chance of affecting decisions at a local level, and if you don’t like the rules of your state, you can feel free to move to a different one more in line with your own beliefs and lifestyle.

    Luke Magnifico

    I have but one thing to add:

    Hurray for teenage coitus.


    I’m an Anarchist at heart. Unfortunately Human beings by and large are not responsible or moral enough to live, without needing to be disciplined by religion or police states. I blame sappy tree huggers who don’t want me to spank my children for fear of creating a serial killer, but I sure do love that Dems are totally cool with killing unwanted babies. Hey, It’s my right to smash my turds with a hammer because I made them with my own body. Why should we deny irresponsible teenagers and middle aged business women the same right to destroy what they make with their own personal vaginas. I don’t want to tell people what to to, thats not true freedom (Rule w/out government) but I’m big into honesty. If you stop a fetus from becoming an individual, you prevent a potential human life from becoming a fully manifested component of cosmic spacetime. It’s called murder when humans stop the lives of humans. I’m not saying outlaw abortion, but don’t sugarcoat it. Call it what it is, ABORTION KILLS….that why I’m PRO-CHOICE.


    1) I am a Democrat.

    2) I am not for abstinence only sex-ed.

    3) I am not for/against abortion (I am a man so it’s not my call).

    4) I believe people should be free to do what they chose up to the point at which they infringe on anothers same freedom.

    That said, I have and will continue to vote Republican for the simple fact that I do not beleive a person has the right to have 5 kids and no job and elect a person comitted to making ME pay for it with MY tax dollars.


    What about electing a conservative that will give all them free bombs away? Honestly, innocent civilians overseas don’t deserve free bombs any more than poor people in the US deserve basic human rights. I think the bombs might cost more, too.

    We gave some free bombs to about 90 Afghanis last week. They were all civilians. 60 of them were kids! Do you thinks they pay US income tax? Hell no.


    I have absolutely no clue wtf ur talking about. All I know is that it sounds like the same Bush is the Devil and created hurricane Katrina to kill blacks and and Mexicans crap people invent to change the subject. The subject of the blog is an anti abortion, pro-life VP candidate with a 17 year old prego daughter(17 happens to be beyond age of consent and adult hood, if you want to argue that point, kill someone and see if you go to Juvy of Adult court). Even if you can prove that W is giving bombs to children, it is completely off topic.

    Now back to the point at hand. Did you even read my post? I am AGAINST Palin on the issues at hand, but hey, TITS or GTFO.


    I don’t make the rules dude.

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