Muffin Top

Muffin Top

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    Its one thing to be comfortable and confident in who you are, its another to be a revolting and not know it.
    I’d eat that muffin though…. mmmmm.


    Dear god, a woman who is not anorexic and heavily airbrushed… man the harpoons!


    Jasonp: There is a pretty wide scale between this broad and an airbrushed “model”. The problem with thickies like this, is that they disgust the general public. Its not offensive to be fat, its just offensive to make me look at it.


    “Dignity” was removed from the American dictionary many years ago.


    ha ha, and its totally safe to assume she is “American”. I love it.

    Luke Magnifico

    Well, yeah. She’s a chunky broad in camopants. That’s like, the essence of America. All she needs to do now is go on and on about freedom while living in a police state, and she might as well replace the flag.


    a tramp stamp would be fitting, too


    Fuck you guy, I like my women being slim and tender.


    It’s one thing to have a muffin top, it’s another to not know what size you are. Proper attire and fit can hide a multitude of sins.


    Why don’t we have a word for MEN who show us the fat in badly-fitting pants, hmm?


    Muffin top is a gender neutral term. It’s just most men don’t wear hip-huggers and belly tops, so they tend not to have the term applied to them as often.

    Now shuffle on, and resume wondering why MEN don’t have to put up with pap smears.


    some people are just chubby, for chrissake.

    if you don’t want to look at it, i suggest you immediately find a sharp implement and gouge out both your eyes. the world is not here to please you.


    Once the docs get caught up with the effects HPV, men will probably be urged to have regular check ups too. They are already working on a “pap” for gay men because of the connection between HPV and anal cancer (same idea as the connection between cervical cancer, oral and throat cancer).

    The female in this picture must have gotten fat over night and is on her way to Wal-Mart to get bigger pants.


    I can’t believe someone turned this into a feminist thing.

    I fully support feminism when it comes to equal pay and such but when it comes to looks? It’s the other girls who mostly call girls fat and ugly. Yeah some guys will be like “she’s a fatty” but girls will be fucking vicious to each other.

    And yes I wont date a 300 lb ugly girl but should you be expected to date a 300 lb ugly guy? There’s no fucking double standard.


    Who cares if she’s chubby. No one. I don’t even think those pants are hip-huggers so much as they’re so fuckin tight they won’t stay on her belly. If she bought pants that fit and stayed away from midriffs, she’d be fine (at least from the chest down).


    : I get what you’re saying, but I was making the point that there are certain things that are uniquely female, and there’s nothing sexist about that. Men don’t get tested for cervical cancer because they don’t have cervixes (cervixii?), and they rarely get mocked for their muffin tops, because the clothing combination that creates one is generally only worn by females.

    But some people will just take any opportunity to cry discrimination. Like my ex’s best friend who thought they should rename the cervix because having part of the female anatomy with the word “serve” in it was discriminatory.


    Here’s another good one. ‘history’ is ‘his story’ is bullshit. Both those words come from the ancient Greek ‘historia’, the former via Latin and the later from Italian. None of those languages distinguish between ‘him’ and ‘her’ it is a pure coincidence.

    I seriously had a teacher teach me the false etymology in grade school. Pathetic.

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