This Man Shit In My Kitchen


Ladies of Williamsburg, BEWARE!!! This man shit on the floor of my kitchen on October 6th, 2006 and then peaced.  He might strike again.  Approach with caution.

Yeah, wow, ok.   WTF?

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    Mobius Soul

    Technically the past participle of “shit” is “shat,” as in “This man /shat/ in my kitchen.”


    Technically what? What board of officials and experts decided on that bit of nomenclature?


    Wow, I’m not sure which one rocks more, the picture itself or Mobius Soul’s comment(which is entirely true, btw).


    oh like in the bible it says he spake, well wen i talk about someone smoking a while ago i say he smake


    “shat” is in the dictionary, go look it up.


    I’m pretty sure that proper diction was NOT at the top of the list for things to discuss about this picture. Boo hoo…they used an incorrect verb tense in creating an absolutely hilarious means of revenge.

    Personally, I think the picture is damn hilarious! I entirely intend to do this to the next person that pisses me off!

    t. durden

    haha, he shit in the kitchen, maybe there shouldn’t have been a waiting line for the bathroom. maybe you’ll learn.


    William Shatner, lol