World’s Tallest Building

World's Tallest Building

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    Alec Dalek

    Actually the height of the Burj is secret, so they’re out of the running. Now the Taipai 101, THAT’s the biggest stack of takeout boxes… er, tallest building in the world.

    Alec Dalek

    And another thing. The Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, THOSE were accomplishments. They were built by private enterprise during the great depression when there wasn’t much money to go around.

    Who the fuck cares if some Arab with WAY TOO MUCH money and not enough penis is spending money that should be going to help his people to build a pointless building in the middle of butt fuck nowhere? Modernize your people, THAT would be an accomplishment.


    Foggy beat me to it.


    looks like building sex


    i agree w alec
    and i lold
    soo tha bridge there. does that make it one building or is it still two buildings connected by a bridge?


    it’s one building with 2 rooms

    tee hee hee… The Grand FTW


    The higher the building, the harder it is for the poor people to reach you.

    General X

    This reminds me of that old Carlin joke. If our guys build it, then it is an ACCOMPLISHMENT. If their guys do it, it is: “some Arab with WAY TOO MUCH money and not enough penis is spending money that should be going to help his people.”
    Shouldn’t the money used to build Empire State and the Chrysler building have been used to help Americans during the great depression. Oh, and there is no depression in Dubai. Look it up.


    The money used to build Empire State and Chrysler buildings were used to help people during the Great Depression, it was used to keep people working, as was the Hoover Dam. Back then they didn’t believe in giving out free money, but to earn it.

    Also, about a third of the top of this building has no floors, just a kind of steeple. It’s kind of sad that people who live in “shorter” buildings actually have higher views than those that work here. (it seems like a cheating way to claim “world’s tallest”)


    Well gee. The Arabs are cheating!!11
    And who the fuck do you think is building the damn thing? Chimps? Creates jobs, attracts tourism..

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