Dirty Harry

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do you feel lucky, punk?

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    Impractical weapon is impractical.

    Imaging carrying that thing around ALL day EVERY day.
    A S&W model 29 weighs in at 48.5 oz (~3 pounds or 1.36kg for our metric friends)


    Ok that pic is… Wierd. Like Harry’s takin a dump or summat..

    bfd: All you need is a good carry harness. I don’t see the issue… 😛


    bfd: Are you insane? That’s Dirty Harry and his 45 magnum!


    @nyokki :
    -you mean .44 magnum
    -no, I am not insane, I am just pointing out the impracticality of using a hunting revolver for police work or daily carry of any kind
    He isn’t taking a dump, that is the normal posture of someone who carries around 3# of revolver all day every day in a shoulder rig under a hot-ass jacket.

    3 pounds and 6 shots … what a great choice!

    Snarky Parker


    Ah, you must be the new ‘My Confined Space Beauracrat’. 😐


    “I feel like American movie star Dirty Harold… Go ahead, make my day Jew.”


    bfd: My bad.

    bfd: Are you insane? That’s Dirty Harry and his 44 magnum!

    Fixed. Dirty Harry is Da Fucken Man. Never question his methods. There will be no second chance.