Obama Looking Thoughtful

Obama Looking Thoughtful

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    Enough with the Obama porn already.


    He is trying to sound out a big word in his head that is scrolling by on the teleprompter.

    Alec Dalek

    Way more Obama porn, please!

    People will need these photos to update their pictures of the president in their offices.

    Kidrythm, you are so transparent, I can barely read your text. Something racist I think? Wow, just think how much better your life would have been if you weren’t so limited!


    lol, you spelled that wrong it’s “Republican right wing neoCon”, not “racist”.
    oh lol.
    Eat your own boogers much?


    Yes because if you see Obama as an empty suit where people put their own values, you’re a right wing neocon.


    “lol, you spelled that wrong it’s “Republican right wing neoCon”, not “racist”.
    oh lol.”

    Same difference. Here’s the website of a Republican right wing neoCon House Representative:



    Moar like “Obama Taking a Shit”


    If it weren’t for real men like me, your Libtard DemoRAT asses would be speaking Chinese…
    Go ahead, tell me I am right, I won’t shame you any further.
    I promise.


    Obvious troll is obvious.

    tiki god

    and it’s people like me, who demand that the constitution be upheld and sanity prevail that people like you are still able to walk down the street without your ‘papers’.

    Sounds like you were a hired gun in some mob war, did you do work in Chinatown or something?


    You guys must be right, what was I thinking? Not voting for Obama makes me racist.
    That is what started you fucking Socialists biting at my tender heels after all.
    ffs, get a clue. The only thing that Obama would change is a history of white males running the country.
    ha! In your faces!


    Suggesting that speaking a foreign language is some kind of unlivable hell is racist in an especially redneck, American, uneducated kind of way.

    Especially when that language is spoken in Taiwan, a free democracy the US doesn’t technically support.

    I’d love to be able to speak Chinese I already know how to say ‘Ni Hao’ and I could watch Kung fu without subtitles so whatever you’re doing stop.


    A free [i]capitalist[/i] democracy.


    God damnit what tags work here? >:(


    rofl, keep up the good work. obama can try again in 2012…
    and again in 2016
    and again in 2020.

    see where I am going with this?
    “Ni Hao”? You need to stop watching kid’s shows.


    Man I want to learn Chinese I found this great website:


    I’m going to memorize all those please don’t try to stop me Kidrythm.


    too late, I already put my plan into action…


    Alright, I’m curious to know how many people have the same thought as me:
    Is Obama the Antichrist?


    The AntiChrist will come from the middle East.

    That’s all I got.
    Fell asleep in Church today…



    Like Father like son
    The Bush Clan has gone too far.
    No more “Blood For Oil!”

    Please, I dont want any dead soldiers, if they are european, american, christian or whatever. The people that die are the soldiers, young men (and women) who just started to live.



    Maybe we can get oil with furry little kittens?
    What rainbow love planet do you live on, because I live on a little planet called reality…people gotta die in order to secure our way of life.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “people gotta die in order to secure our way of life.”
    You first.


    I would proudly defend my way of life as an American while you sit back and post on M[c]S and jerk off to porn if I had both of my legs to do so.
    You fucking douchebag.


    Hey kidrhythm

    You are a proud american.

    And whar are other soldiers?

    UNPROUD bastards?

    You dont know anything. People can work together, live together and share their dreams.

    Use your brain, idiot


    Luke Magnifico

    I am happy that you have less legs than you should have.

    I enjoy thinking of you going out to fight in a misguided war, screaming “FREEDOM!” as you bombard brainwashed Arabs in caves and huts, before running into a shell and kasploding.

    I am glad that you are in constant physical and/or pain.

    Because you really believe in this war, despite having been there.

    Also, you are a dickface.

    That is all. So long, pegleg.

    Luke Magnifico

    and/or MENTAL pain, sorry, I am a little drunk, I have been at a festival.


    laughing internet troll is laughing…

    you douchnozzles deserve an award for being the most sensitive fags on the entire interwebzors.



    so does no one else think he looks like he is taking a big shit?


    I do. Personally i hate the man, but his assassination will take care of his potential election.


    And for the record i’m not too nuts about McCain either.

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