Mary Jane Comiquette

Might be NSFW, cause she’s got some big ol knockers:
Marvel’s finally gotten a clue how to do statues! This, and Tentacle Rape Statue (NSFW) statue are just simple awesome.

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    ehh… I wouldn’t of thought that’d be appropriate for her… I always thought she was more of a down to earth person, not some kind of harlet.

    Meh, whatever Marvel wants to do with their characters is up to them. Now we just need an ’emospidey’ statue, and everything will of come around full circle.


    Sex sells, what can anyone say? If that’s what it takes for them to sell more Spidey stuff, it’s obvious they’ll do it…


    Didn’t she die way before I was born or something?


    My favorite MJ comics were the ones where Kraven killed Spidey, and her whole story was waiting at home for him to come home. That whole story-line rocked. If you ask me, that’s what they should do Spider-Man 4 with.


    Maybe its his birthday or something. I’D love to come home to that on my birthday.

    Actually, I’d just love to come home to that, period.


    The bare feet, torn jeans, and thong coming out of the pants does it for me (although I’m normally a boyshorts lover). And the ginormous boobies.


    I never got past the first pic…


    Work on that, the last one fantastical.

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