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    26 Responses ttto Gymnastics is also awesome

    1. tiki god says:

      even though she didn’t do all that well, I was still happy to watch her in high definition. she’s a beautiful woman!

    2. gor says:

      Nom nom nom.

      She might of won some medals if she was 12, like the Chinese gymnast.

    3. Corran says:

      Can someone please explain what advantage being 12 would give them? I really don’t understand why that would be better than being 16.

    4. Fish says:

      At 12 a girl is not fully physically developed, hips are still narrow, breasts are still small.
      Basically their center of balance is better and they are a little more flexable.

    5. gor says:

      Smaller, younger girls have a tighter center of gravity (easier to spin) and due to their shorter limbs have less distance to cover (which gives them a lesser chance to make a miss their spot). They are also more flexible bones because the bones haven’t harden as much. Anyways, that’s what my wife has explained to me.

      Also, my respect for the Chinese dropped quite a bit. If anyone watched the competitions they would have noticed that everytime a non-chinese gymnast was performing, the chinese audience would yell at certain times to distrack the gymnast and then remain silent when a chinese girl was up (fucking punks).

    6. d3x73r says:

      Alicia Sacramone is sex.

    7. Daskunt says:

      She hasn’t logged into her Myspace page since 18/08/2005.

    8. Caio says:

      They also yelled at the Chinese performers you ignorant cunt. Not only that, but the chinese spotters sometimes yelled at the Chinese performers. Welcome to this isn’t a tea party and 10, 000 people crammed in an auditorium from every culture on earth (they looked less than half azn to me) aren’t necessarily going to be silent.

      Or were you thinking of those silent American sporting events? The hushed tones of Football, the quite whispers of a baseball crowd. Fuck, the only time I went to sports game in the states and it was quite, it was basketball, and those were all supposedly noisy blacks from Oakland.

      Fuck, Americans are sore losers. And sore winners. Just shitheads in general I guess.

    9. Caio says:

      Also, when Nastia “only” won the silver, her leg flopped on the dismount. In slow motion she looked like a retarded fucking gumby.

      Boo-hoo. She made a giant fuck-up and only won silver.

    10. Alfalfasprouts says:

      Caio + anything smart and logical = FAIL!

    11. Caio says:

      Go on, Alfalfasprouts.

    12. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      The gymnastic age “scandal” is retarded. Michael Phelps was 15 when he entered his first Olympics (2000). The gold should go to the best gymnast in the world, regardless of age.

    13. dekay46 says:

      i just came.

    14. CMoorehead says:

      Fuck The Olympics…Fuck em in the ass

    15. Excelsior says:

      They’re different worlds… Most olympic athletes find that they are good in something, and work their way up to the olympic level.

      In China, the government comes to your house, tells you that your daughter will win gold for china, and takes her away. She is then trained rigorously her entire life culminating in that competition.

      I’m just going on reported facts, I speculate, however, that china’s operation is not entirely legit.

    16. Excelsior says:


      The point is, most sporting events involve cheering for one team or the other. What I see mentioned here is deliberate distraction. I have not seen said events, so I cannot assure their correctness.

      Ever been to golf? that’s a quiet sport. Imagine if someone were to scream right as a golfer made their swing. That’s what is being discussed here

    17. gor says:

      I agree with reboot that it should be about the best, but when one group is allowed to cheat (not obeying the rules) and the other groups don’t (they obey the rules), than the spirit of competition is lost. My wife, who is not an American, is one who pointed out the slimy antics of the Chinese audience to me (I didn’t catch it at first, but then it was very noticable). IMHO, I think Caio needs to cut back on his caffeine, he seems to get way to excited over trival matters.

    18. youoxymoron says:

      i don’t know about all this unfair yelling etc, but man the chinese athletes have really impressed me- especially how they shake the hands of each competitor after the finals. Friggin hate the regime there though…

    19. flintlocke says:


    20. userwhat says:

      the rule is that they have to turn 16 in the year of the olympics, they can be 15 and compete as long as their birthday is before january first of next year.

    21. Caio says:

      @exasperate: Yeah well next time I’m at an American Football game and the home team is behind, as I hear thousands of cries of “YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER” I’ll keep in mind that Golf – the most popular sport ever – is different.

      @Gor: I watched those events. The Chinese were yelling at the Chinese too. Louder and with the spotter yelling as well. You’re just a fucking crybaby.

    22. gor says:

      Dude relax. Take your medication or something, your bi-polar is acting up.

      btw, the spotter was assisting, not yelling.

    23. Caio says:

      This is my impression of Gor:


    24. Just imagine how flexible she is, especially if she’s had a few drinks…

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