couple of old shots.

vincent van gogh story by riley.jpg (967 KB)

rude produce.jpg (113 KB)

the first one is a story my daughter wrote about Vincent Van Gogh that I frequently torture her with now that shes 12. It still makes me laugh,

“Always very poor. Tragic sad person. And his paintings are worth millions now. And born in Holland in 1850. And used strong lines and shapes. Some of his paintings are dark and sad. Suddenly used bright colours. And ow that had to hert cut off part of his ear when he was angry. Whae field was his last painting. And shot his self.”

I think she was seven. lol

Picture two is an exceptionally rude carrot self same daughter pulled from her grandmothers garden that i had to clean up and photograph while giggling.

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    that is one well hung carrot.


    you stole your daughter’s childhood.


    pic unrelated


    Canada ftw!