Acid Rain

raindrops-sisson-295322-lw.jpg (220 KB)

Acid Rain, Washington, D.C., 1981

Photograph by Robert Sisson

In this macro close-up, a bromophemol solution is dripped on raindrops found on a daisy petal to test their acidity. The solution is reddish and has turned one drop yellow. The rain is pH 3, the same as vinegar.

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    That’s a fantastic image


    “Acid Rain is a thing of the past… Too many possible causes, too little signifigance for our modern thinking public, besides industrial manufacturing is at an all time low anyway, who needs those narrow minded laborers anyway. Too many mouths to feed, and too many burden on the payroll! Who needs ’em? Here in the land of the free-time. Someother ass back-ward country will give us what we need by exploiting its uneducated

    ~Greg Graffin

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    But less acidic than soda. So we’re still OK.

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