World History With The Pope

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    You want a world without religion? Look at North Korea or Cuba. Great places to live amirite?


    You’re very confused, North Korea has ENFORCED religion.


    @Wilford Brimley
    Those have nothing to do with atheism though. The wonderful thing about atheism is that not all of us are the same. Unlike Christianity or Jizzlam, a person who does not believe in God doesn’t represent another atheist. Atheism has no affect on ones political views.


    I think the number of totally messed up countries that strictly follow religion are much more numerous than those few that strictly do not.


    1) Repost

    2) In b4 korinthian


    Uh oh.. I smell an epic religion debate coming coming…


    diabeetus kills children just because he doesn’t believe that Elvis is alive. Whoever thinks lack of belief is not harmful to the world is clueless!


    Seriously though, if you think morals come from religion, you haven’t thought it through.

    Frank McColbert



    “2) In b4 korinthian”

    fucking called it


    Caio: Now, that is just rude. Imagine if I called beating you in every argument before we had started. Of course I would be right, but it would just make it sound like I had nothing better to do with my time than sitting around waiting for you.


    I fucking called it, homes.


    You want a world without religion? Look at North Korea or Cuba. Great places to live amirite?

    Yes, nearly as pleasant and freedom-loving as Iran or Saudi Arabia.

    Cuba’s got a better healthcare system than the US, and one of the reasons it’s so damned poor is because the displaced racketeers and crime bosses, shoved out of power in 1959, exert disproportionate power over American foreign policy toward Cuba.

    Why a bunch of nonagenarians in Florida should matter to US foreign policy so much is hard to understand, unless one remembers their ties to organized crime and money.

    As for North Korea — they have a religion; its pope and god is Kim Jong Il.


    Approximately 80% of the population of Sweden is Atheist or Agnostic.

    What a horrible horrible place that must be to live!


    You’ll notice Caio and Korinthian arguing using basic “internet fite!” rules (2.1 edition), Caio favoring the rather nonsensical approach, with Korinthian using his old standby of sticking to the douchiest and most egotistical argumentative style.

    The winner: none but those who did it for Mary and John.

    Finally: Korinthian actually does have a point with Religion not being the only basis for morality.


    I find my style of fighting especially effective on the very emotional and agressive. I can tailor it to fit smarter opponents though.


    It’s pope may be Kim Yong-Il but it’s god definitely is Kim Il-Sung, the Eternal President.


    Ok, guys, i can’t handle another boring religion vs. atheism internet debate. I would probably be interested if anyone, at all, had anything new to say… as in newer than the 1950s. But seriously I’m going to try to think of a way to derail this thread but in the meantime you guys could do me a favour and derail it yourselves while I’m thinking. It would be like a Christmas gift to me in August.

    tiki god

    no no. not everyone is losing here. I’m winning with every page view 😉


    Damn you tiki and your tricksy financial ways.

    If only I could get money from my site:


    You’re the devil, tiki.

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