Kansas Agriculture

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    What the ass? Is this an aerial photograph, or some sort of elaborate series of pie charts? Or is it nothing more than an agrarian eye-fuck?


    Aerial photograph, it’s even more pronounced in west Texas when you fly over there. The circles are formed by the irrigation arm, fixed in the middle it spins round watering the plants beneath it. Of course, the corners are almost total waste ground, but there’s plenty more land to go around.


    I guess that’s why people are happy to leave Kansas. Too many goddamn squares…


    I’ve flown across the nation many times- it is a giant quilt from above.


    Pretty awesome. One irrigation arm is what, a quarter mile long?



    the squares are how they portion the land off and set legal descriptions.

    there are Townships and Ranges that act as latitude and longitude. where they meet are 36 squared miles called “Sections”, i.e. Township 7 South, Range 2 East.

    inside T7s-R2e there are 36 sections, each a mile square (640 acres, more or less). let’s pick one, say Section 5 of Township 7 South, Range 2 East in such and such County.

    Section 5 (7s-2e) has 4 quarters, just as each other section does. The 4 quarters, Northwest (NW/4), Northeast (NE/4), Southwest (SW/4), and Southeast(SE/4) each contain 160 acres, which can each be broken down into 4 quarters of 40 acres, and so on….

    so the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 5, Township 7 South, Range 2 East, contains 10 acres. and easier way to write it would be the SE/4 NW/4 NW/4 Sec. 5 (7s-2e).

    also, the NE/4 and the NW/4 make up the North Half (N/2); the SW/4 and SE/4 make up the S/2.

    Some states use the Metes and Bounds method, which is just fucking nuts.




    well the “circle arm things” are called pivot lines. they can range from 30 feet to 1/2 a mile long, as long as there is a pump that can keep the water pressure up that far out. and after natedogs spiel i feel like im back in school in an FFA seminar

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