Jet Figher Crash

Jet Crash.jpg (89 KB)

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    Wow, what a shot of that incident. I’ve seen that crash from several angles and the angle where you can see the Flanker just cart wheel across the ground is just unreal.


    which crash was this?

    From the amount of damage on the wings & tail, I’d almost guess it’s in the middle of a 2nd or 3rd cartwheel but wouldn’t the whole jet just have exploded the moment the nose hit the ground?


    MalcoveMagnesia: Depends on how it hit the ground, I would guess. Modern fighters are engineered to be able to handle pretty rough landings, though I doubt any of her designers quite had this in mind.

    Does anyone have a link to a video of this? The way the exaust is blowing from the right-hand engine, it looks like the plane is cartwheeling counterclockwise, but that would mean it’s going backwards, which seems like an odd way to try to land a plane. And if it is cartwheeling, I’m having trouble understanding how the left side is so heavily damaged while the right wings appear entirely unscathed.

    teezy weezy

    I have a picture of the other side of that, the pilot is just ejecting out of the plane, not sure how to post it here though.


    Horee cow! That pilot needs to sit in the wheelchair toilet!




    White plane on the right looks like the same plane in the right. If that was right, then why is this fighter jet in front of it? It confused the fuck out of me



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