NSFW – Chainmail

Armor Classes can be NSFW :

chainmail.jpg (79 KB)

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    Wow, I want to joust her.


    lol mithink. You can joist with a turtle. Besides , she wants my rod of lardly meat.


    spell much?


    Sorry what was that? I was busy joisting this turtle…


    O.m.g. I have no idea why, but I think that’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Why, WHY do I look at these things at work? This going to be a very long day. Thanks a lot, Jaypeezy.


    I actually make chainmaille (no thats not a spelling error, either way is right). I’ve made a bikini top before too. Wanna see some of my stuff? Go here:


    Nice work hvymetal.


    Where is the bikini top you created? Pics?


    @nyokki Thank you!

    *sigh* I knew someone would ask that. The girl I made it for allowed me to take pics or her wearing it under the condition I couldn’t post them on teh interwebs…. I’m still good friends with her, and therefore won’t break that. I can post pics of it not being worn if you want, but only after I get home, don’t have em on my work laptop.


    Oh and I know of a lot hotter chainmaille outfits and hotter chicks wearing them, though this one’s still pretty nice. I’ll submit a few pics.

    tiki god

    dammit, are you telling me I got all hot and bothered for nothing?


    Couldn’t you shop out her face or something like that? Then you could post it without having her worry about it!
    Otherwise, just post it alone. *sigh*

    Redrum Kool-Aid

    Chainmail is so sexy until my neurotic mind starts thinking about how all those little circlets would pinch and scratch and wait… maybe that’s more sexy.



    It doesn’t scratch and pinch, if you close the rings correctly. Its actually quite smooth, it does however still rub nicely over sensitive bits, lol.


    Why did I look at that at work! Now I’m going to lose my job at Uptight, Gaybo and Prick.

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