Masters of my Desktop Universe

skeletor1.jpg (359 KB)

skeletor2.jpg (311 KB)

heman.jpg (214 KB)

Same ones to my plastic batman… but much more on a Grayskull style.

By the power of grayskull!!!


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    These are sweetsauce, my parents still have mine from like 1985 in an attic somewhere. Im suprised there is no online He-Man vijogamez…or is there?


    I asked for He-Man when I was a kid.. year after year (that and transformers). Instead I got some stupid barbie magnet thing (think paperdoll but even more lame) and some She-Ra toys. WTF! It’s like they were punishing me for being born without a penis!


    There are really sweet shots. Now if only you could get rid of that plastic sheen, these might look more realistic. Now THAT is an effect I’d put on my desktop … and a freakin’ gallery wall!


    As you should be outofocus, as you should be.

    (j/k, I couldnt resist)^_^


    That’s bullshit. I plan on shitting on society’s customs like that as a parent. I mean seriously, how are transformers not fucking awesome regardless of what you have downstairs, lol.


    Lucky bastard! hehe

    My son has a variety of toys, both stereotypical male and a few female. He has a thing for the “Pet Shop” toys which are cute I guess. They kind of freak me out but he likes them and that’s all that matters.

    I did have some Tonka trucks which kicked major butt. I’m sad I don’t have those anymore as the Tonka trucks now a days just plain suck.

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