Megan Fox with iPhone and Star wars t-shirt

megan-fox-geek.jpg (60 KB)

fucking sexy

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    So hot. So hot.


    iPhone turns me off. I hate Apple.


    Holy shit, it’s an iPhone.

    Billy Manic

    every nerd in the world just jizzed themselves.


    Damn… Who turned up the heat…?


    : I know I did.


    I hate to say bad things about great pictures, but, really – Too. Much. Makeup.

    I, too, admit resentment of Apple.


    I think this made my GF go lesbo, GJ MCS. (Unless i get into a three some with my GF and megan fox, then thx!)

    General X

    What in this picture makes this a nerd heaven. Iphone and Star Wars are just about as mainstream as baseball and apple pie.


    General X: You’re totally right. Her tits would look way better if she had Tux on the t-shirt and was holding an OpenMoko.

    Also, Megan Fox watching baseball & eating apple pie? Still fucking sexy.

    Alec Dalek

    So even hot chicks look gay talking on an iPhone. If I wanted to look gay, I’d just get an N-Gage.


    hot, hot gayly nerdly hot!!


    So I’m the one who thinks that she looks average and not-hot, also her loss of talent just makes me rage every time she’s brought up?


    Your use of the word “loss” seem to imply that she ever had any.

    Besides she is actually quite pretty, but she isn’t insta-bonerific in my book either.


    She’s okay, she really needs to leave the bottle tanner alone ( I don’t think she’s wearing too much makeup at all. . . ), but in terms of looks? She’s okay, not special. However her acting? Lame. Pure and simple. Her acting was truly the worst thing in Transformers.


    She’s not talking on it, the back of it is facing her head, hence the camera hole.

    I, for one, love my iPhone, it can just do things that other phones can’t. The Openmoko doesn’t really come close.


    this was posted two days ago and still nobody’s said it?

    om nom nom nom nom nom nom

    screw the iphone


    Hot as hell and one of us.

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