Warhammer 40k Lego Dreadnought

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    Epic Win


    Ok, so I really love the Warhammer 40k RTS games, I’ve started reading about the Warhammer 40k universe out of sheer interest, and I’m kinda playing with the idea of getting into the model painting/table top games. In all honesty though, can anyone give me an estimate of how much a decent sized playable army would cost, including the supplies needed to paint and prep the models? I don’t need any of the books, I can get them in PDF form sans cost. Thanks for any help.


    Oh and if it matters at all cost wise, I’d be going with Chaos.


    So much win


    Never mind it`s probably on scripts.
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    hvymetal86, You can expect to put anywhere from 300 to 500 dollars into a Chaos force, depending on how many points you want to accumulate. That would include paints and brushes and stuff. I recommend shelling out the 20 bucks for the codex, you don’t want to be the guy showing up at games with a pdf printout.

    For starters, grab a few squads of marines with bolters, some transports, a few specialist squads (berzerkers, plague marines, etc) and a tank or 2. Don’t forget a Prince or Lord to lead the army. From there, you can specialize as you play a few more games, to get a feeling for what your style is going to be.

    I would buy the codex first and give it a read before you buy any models though.

    Come on over to warseer.com or librarium-online.com for any other questions.


    PLAYABLE? you can do playable for less than $100…but that means you’re going to have a very small, bare-bones army.

    Expect to be paying over $400 for a decently-sized army with various ‘extra’ units that you use based on what army you’re fighting (rather than HAVING to take the same army every time because you’re too cheap to buy another squad of bikers or whatever).


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    tiki god

    no. your comments are here to stay, and I have no clue what you’re talking about anyways, so no.


    leggos are so much cooler than when i was a kid…

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