The Arctic Sunrise and Rainbow Warrior

greenpeace-the arctic sunrise.jpg (221 KB)

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    I’m all for the environment, but fuck Greenpeace.

    They do have nice boats, though.


    Take a shower and get a hair-cut, damn dirty hippies!


    What does Greenpeace do w/ their boats? What exactly are they trying to accomplish and how do they accomplish it? I certainly hope they don’t just use a bullhorn to yell at Japanese whale fisherman or off-shore drilling platforms.


    im sure the fire cannons crammed with lettuce at corporate pirates. but its not very “green” of them to be using diesel powered vehicles. unless it all runs on their hot air for the environment. Now I know where all the donations they hound me for go towards.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    What’s funny about that? That’s how evolution works.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    oops, wrong thread. I’m a little drunk


    Maybe its a hybrid.

    The second one obviously has sails, so that works. But in the arctic, I don’t think sails would be a good idea. Unless you’re in Pirate of the Caribbean.


    .. lol ur drunk.. and trolling MCS. You mus be tiki’s long lost brother. and about the evolution thing, it was all aliens ! the “missing link”


    alot of large ships are using hybrid drive systems, using large diesel generators to power Electric drive systems.

    That Icebreaker looks too old to have taken advantage of that, though.

    Biodiesel still emits greenhouse gasses, you realize.


    How much of what kind of emissions compared to a standard diesel engine?


    Sea Shepherd> GreenPeace

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