Prehistoric Human Skull

prehistoric-skull-clark-690736-lw.jpg (220 KB)

Qafzeh, Israel, 2001

This 100,000-year-old skull was found in a cave in Qafzeh, Israel, along with other fossils, including a horse tooth and burned flints. Cutting-edge techniques were used to date the fossils—revealing that modern humans left Africa much earlier than had been thought, even coexisting with Neanderthals, once believed to be our ancestors.

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    Hmm… I thought the world was created 6000 years ago.


    ha, funny how the evolution of modern day humans happened in one spot and not all over the globe progressively…

    Professor Ratbaggy

    I would expect that the evolution of the modern human would happen in one place, to one community of pre-humans;sp but nonetheless progressively, as you say.


    Well looks like Creationists 358,468,234, and Evolutionists 3

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