United States of Obesity

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    I thought Texas would be higher, but remembered there’s a lot of people in Texas who work on farms and other manual labor type shit, like oil wells. So, I guess that counts for something. I’d like to see the major cities overlaid on this.


    Those 20-ish percent give the rest of us a bad name!

    I hate you fat fuckers!


    …no srsly, it’s true. =/


    w00t COLORADO!

    haha theres an ad for “bbw romance” on the page…


    Yeah, Colorado!


    Spending a year in Europe, it’s amazing to walk around and actually think to yourself, “Whoa. Where are all the fat people?”

    Followed by wondering why your internal monologue is voiced by Keanu Reeves.


    @ Paul_Is_Drunk – LMFAO!

    It’s funny that people focus on the US as being fat but China is rushing to beat us in the race to obesity.


    Mississippi FTW!!!


    “…and I thought America was just clinical obesity and strip malls.”


    Heh, I love the swirling vortex of obesity that is The South. Although I shouldn’t be laughing; Chicago’s probably singlehandedly raising Illinois 3-4%…


    any place with rednecks is pretty screwed
    thats one of the reason i hate the place i live.
    but any big city has a very sure possibility of the percentage being risen at most 2%.


    Wow, my (current)state is 49th, lol. You should see the local Walmart. It’s a scary fucking place on a late Saturday night. Don’t ask why I’m at a Walmart on a Saturday night, even I don’t know. They wear the tightest cheapest clothes on their size 50 bodies w/ all the little kiddies being dragged along in nothing but underwear and diapers, sometimes the adults are wearing matching pajamas. There is something seriously wrong w/ people here.


    nyokki lives in the Dub Vee? I was born and raised there, but had to leave to escape the downward spiral. Yeah, WalMart in WV is a scary sight. Especially when you get off the beaten path where the Interstate doesn’t go…