Rammstein Firebat!

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“Did I invite you to my BBQ?!?”

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    I used to be ambivalent about Rammstein until I saw them live at X-Fest. They put on a hell of a show. You have to give a guy some points for coming out onto stage while ON FIRE. He also had 3 pedals on stage. 1) shot fire up in the air 2) shot fire out over the crowd 3) shot water out at the crowd. He would use the pedals to alternately scare and sooth the audience. The mosh pit during this madness was dangerously violent; I saw two people get taken out on stretchers. All that was BEFORE… Read more »




    If I’d seen Fred Durst come out, I’d want to riot, too. Or at least ralf.


    Rammstein is in the top 5 ugliest bands ever.

    I saw a video of one of their shows when they first came to the US and were touring… the singer pulls out a strap on and he walks over to the keyboardist, opens up his pants and starts slapping him on the ass with his fake dick. It was so freakin’ hilarious… the crowd was just standing there staring.


    LOL I had a friend that was really into Rammstien… But they have issues…

    I think I saw one video where the guy has this strapon, Well this thing must have been plumbed, cause getting to the end of the set he just starts just pissin’ all over the audience with it…

    That little stunt kinda blind sided me…

    Not a big fan of their music, but there a few I can listen to. Their music vids, on the other hand… Very cool…


    Awesome DVD! I like the flamethrower masks they have during “Feuer frei!”. LMAO at the dildo thing.


    The dildo thing was at the family values tour 98 I think. If you skip about half way through this video you’ll see what they’re on about.

    In case you’re wondering why he does it, the song is about male rape (Buck dich = bend down)





    my brother toured with them for a couple months. he said they’re totally quiet nerds off stage.


    Great White – act two….

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