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    Whoa, what’s that gun above PS3?


    Forum Fodder, HERE WE GO!

    It is a fair representation.


    Fair indeed. Just like in real life: the Wii is the cheapest to buy, kid friendly, and most fun to compete against friends with.


    So the PS3 is an XM8. Not being into consoles, im gonna take that to mean the PS3 is overpriced, has fundamental design flaws that make the console completely useless as a gaming platform.

    The 360 started off as half of a really awesome idea, got mainstreamed before the idea was done cooking, had HUGE issues when it came out, but over the decades have most of the issues ironed out.

    I got it right?


    O, and the Wii won’t have dirty problems and jam up


    Also, the XM8 got canceled, and the entire program scrapped before it got past testing.

    I’m venturing a guess that the XM8 had 60+ minute load times, too.



    So true, so true.


    I would pick the Wii one any day.

    Alec Dalek

    : Just like in real life: the Wii is the cheapest to buy, kid friendly, and most fun to compete against friends with.

    You have a bunch of kids as friends, and have them come over to play video games? What are you, Michael Jackson?

    Alec Dalek

    : All three consoles have “dirty problems”. The consoles themselves have no control over the condition of the media. Since you play with a bunch of kids, I’m sure your discs have plenty of smudges and scratches. Stop fellating the Wii.

    Alec Dalek

    : All three consoles have “dirty problems”. The consoles themselves have no control over the condition of the media. Since you play with a bunch of kids, I’m sure your discs have plenty of smudges and scratches.

    Stop fellating the Wii and get back to playing it. It’s a damn fun system and you don’t have to evangelize it.


    Can anyone name one thing they changed about the XBOX360 besides the console design, main navigation screen, and tweaked slightly better graphics?


    Thought so.

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s because it’s a good design.


    Everyone who picks sides in a console battle is just too cheap to buy em all. They all have pros.
    I would have waited for more titles on PS3, but the Blue Ray player sold me. X-box really impressed me with the 360, a very smooth functional system. Nice for anyone running a media center network. Paying for netplay sucks, but Its a big step up from their first monstrosity. But the winner for me is Wii, all those terribly addictive Mario titles are gonna be the reason my eyes burn out. Viva la MarioKart!!!


    AlecDalek, not since the original NES have I had a Nintendo freeze up on me, and that was just trying to get the title menu to load. I’ve had the PS3 freeze upon me in the 4th quarter against Dallas, essentially ruining my whole life for like 30 minutes.



    I’ve only had freezing up issues with assassins creed on my PS3. Other than that i can run it for days with foldinghome and immeadiatley dive into GTA4 or Metal Gear Solid 4 for hours without problems.

    Being an owner of all three consoles i have to say the PS3 is the best of them and for a few good reasons. The PS3 is theoretically superior to the xbox’s hardware, but that can be debated and i could be wrong on that. So graphics aside what else makes the ps3 better? Well for one thing there is no need to buy a gazillion peripherals for it. My batteries are built into the controllers and can charge via one of the FOUR USB ports on my console and the only add on i need is an extra USB cable to charge however many extra controllers i have. The usb cable itself is not anything fancy or specially made for the PS3 since it is just a type-a to mini-b USB cable( For those who don’t know: USB-A is the type used on regular computers and mini-b is the type used on cell phones and cameras) . With the xbox i have to buy seperate rechargeable batteries along with a charging dock or a usb cord that has been built specifically for the xbox controller and in addition to that i have to take up another plug on my power strip for either the charging dock or the usb HUB i would need to add on two more USB ports for the three extra controllers i would have. Controller woes aside there is another good reason for the PS3. It comes with a built in web browser so if one of my computers is down or out of reach i can hop onto the internet from my couch. But there is more! The PS3 has a BUILT IN wireless card, I dont have to shell out another 100 dollars and then install a new device onto it and i don’t have to spend a single dollar on any similar device or mod my laptop to do it. So now that my internet and controller set up woes are taken care of what about storage? Well my PS3 comes with a built in hard drive regardless of whatever version i but Albeit a smaller hard drive than the xbox, but this is where the real kicker comes in. I CAN UPGRADE MY PS3 HARD DRIVE TO A LARGER ONE BY MYSELF WITHOUT VOIDING THE WARRANTY. AND i can buy one that is TWICE the size of the xbox’s largest hard disk since i can use any 2.5″ laptop drive. Now why would i want to do that? Well the PS3 is a pretty good media center so i will need extra storage space for videos and music as well as games but there is also another thing i can do. I CAN INSTALL MY OWN OPERATING SYSTEM ONTO IT AND USE IT AS A REGULAR COMPUTER AND AGAIN MY WARRANTY IS NOT VOIDED BY IT! Infact in the menu it gives me the option of doing so. But there is yet anothe thing that makes my PS3 better than my xbox; the blu ray player. Since day one my ps3 has been sold with a built in blu ray player and fortuneatley for me it won the format war. But still i didn’t have to buy ANOTHER FUCKING PERIPHERAL just do some basic and rudimentary task it should already have built into it taking money out of my pocket. But there is one last thing that i treasure about my PS3, I do not need to pay money each month to play a game that i spent 60 dollars on just so i can play with other people over the internet that i am already paying for. So what are the pros of the x-box in my book? It has a comfy controller and a decent games library. What are the pros of the PS3? Built in wireless card, built in blu ray player, built in media card slots ( like SD,compact flash etc.) Free game network acess, No monthly or annual fees for PS network acess or usage, No controller woes, Built in multiple USB ports, The ability to have a user serviceable hard drivethat is twice the size of any xbox hard drive without fear of warranty voiding, The ability to use a keyboard and mouse, the ability to convert it into a useful desktop computer at my own whim. Simply put, versatility and multiple built in features are why i choose the PS3 as the dominant console. The xbox is a good console but it is not an amazing console.


    Wii.. no DVD player? c’mon, nintendo wtf? And as fun as that game is, it’s disturbing when it sneaks into the “next-gen” catagory when no one is looking. Can a console be next-gen without HD?

    PS3? I haven’t actually used my roommate’s PS for games, but i do know that trying to watching video over the network is next to impossible compared with doing it on my 360. And the OS menu seems to be a pain in the ass. Plus, using PS3 controllers makes me feel like i’m using Zoolander’s cell phone.

    my life would be complete if i could get games that start with “Super” in the Xbox Arcade (Smash Bros, mario kart)


    : Who needs a dvd player? running both disc types wears a system out quicker anyway. who needs an extra computer for that matter?

    @AleckDalek… dude, you know those other two put their shit out before it’s ready. I’m not the only one who had that experience, with either console.

    It’s hard to justify buying all three, but the Wii has to be one if you own 2 systems



    How is it like zoolanders cell-phone? The ps3 controller has been more or less the same thing since the original dualshock.


    @AlecDalek: I think most people would construe your interpretation of my post as meaning that you are the one that is sexually aroused by children.


    @AlecDalek: god, you fuckface, you even got what I said about the consoles wrong. nintendos aren’t massive dust magnets! god, you’re a shithead. fucking clown ass honkey.


    @AlecDalek: Maybe, I’m like 13. Maybe all my friends are kids. see how many conclusions you’ve jumped too, you stupid DOUCHE CHOMO FAGGOT!




    Yikes. Some people waste no time proving just
    how mature they are. Relax fellows.
    : Just hoping to refute a couple of your “PS3” winning points. In regards to: Wireless Card. Yes ps3 has built in wireless, but a real gamer wouldn’t use wireless, they would jack straight in to avoid signal degradation. There is no such thing as a wireless signal that could compete with that simple little ethernet cable. The Xbox 360 ‘is’ equipped with 3 usb slots, so difficult to use ps3’s same ability as an arguement. You ‘CAN’ use your own external harddrive with the Xbox of any size. So that arguement is void now also. As well you ‘can’ plug in any usb keyboard of your choice. Plug and play, works like a charm. So there goes that arguement. You know Dyna-Mole, I’m wondering if you have actually seen an Xbox 360. The only arguement that still stands is that of monthly fees. Yes, I did have to spend 50 bucks for a full year of online gaming. I make that in an hour. So i didn’t really think about it. Though I’m sure your parents paid for you, so how could you complain? In conclusion.
    Yes, PS3 is a very flexible device, but the Xbox can mostly match it blow for blow. Stop getting all excited over nothing, and get your facts straight before you mouth off.


    Oops, that reply regarding the ‘ps3’ was meant for ‘LotusEater’.
    Dyna-Mole can ignore me for the most part
    except for the “mouthing” off comment.
    Those can certainly double for him.
    Curses and insults rarely prove anything.
    Use big people words.


    Lotus.. I suppose you’re correct, I’ve been on the xbox controller since 2004, so i guess i just got used to it being teh hueg. Even so, it still feels better in hand (to me) then the dual shock does.

    wireless vs. wired.. how old is your wireless network? I can bittorrent and stream audio while playing COD with no lag issues. Your home network should be way faster then your internet connection. Weakest link theory.. your internet is only as fast as the slowest connection.

    dvd player? I’ve got my TV, my xbox, my cable box, a desktop, and a laptop on the same computer desk, and using two outlets (i’m not smart, i know).. I don’t relish the idea of trying to fit a DVD player into the mix because the Wii skipped it.


    I have an Xbox360 and it’s awesome. Would like a PS3 so I could play MGS4 and whatever else. Don’t understand this “mine’s better than yours” mentality. Buy what you like or what you need. Buy them all if you want them all.

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