Less Polar Ice? Easier Arcitc Drilling and Lower Oil Prices!

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    I aint gonna go into a diatribe now, but the whole global warming thing is based on ignoring far too many things that actually happen in nature.

    But lets just assume that global warming is 110% mankind’s fault, and that were just gonna have to learn to cope with global temperatures being 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter.

    Historically speaking, during warmer periods, the biomass and biodiversity has escalated. Humanity prospers in temperatures warmer than we have now.

    Curious as to how Greenpeace feels about the polar ice growing on the other end of the planet.

    We just need some Slayer to drive these hippies from the land.

    Now if you want to bitch about mercury, or any other totally manmade, across the board harmful to all life pollution ill soo join you and try to effect solutions. But the whole global warming thing is based on pseudo science and really doesn’t understand how the planet works or how life functions.


    And yes, #43 is a douche, so was Clinton, 41 was so so, Reagan was pretty cool all in all. But really, the last president we had that worth a damn was Truman.

    But #43 is better than Gore or Kerry would have been. Not much mind you, when he put forth the “patriot act” he deserved to burn for that alone, after that he can do no good, he could cure AIDS and cancer in the morning, but for the patriot act, he should burn


    We voted for Dubia because he was the least idiotic of the three stooges. Doesn’t make him smart per see. Remember Moe ever succeeding in anything? no, but he sure as hell was smarter then Curly and Larry. So he’s kinda like Moe rite?

    Alec Dalek

    Ugh, I hate President Dumbass AND Greenpeace. I’m just going to walk away from this one…


    we voted for dubya in 2000? I must have missed the memo.
    let the flames begin….


    Except now we may have to invade… er… liberate Russia for that oh so precious arctic oil…



    There’s a lot of story behind the 2000 election. But Bush won, fair and square. Gore’s hard headed didn’t want to recount the whole state again because he thought some votes were compromised so he asked them to recount specific counties: The ones he knew he had an advantage on.

    Stupidity will rarely get past the recounting committee.

    T.G. Fisher

    AS IF that thumbsucking dingbat could think.

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