George Carlin – Asshole

George Carlin - Asshole

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    probably one of the most important American comics of the last 50 years.

    Sadly missed – his routine about religion/money is classic


    Important and influential. He an Richard Pryor influenced and inspired a whole generation of comics. Who is to take over that role now that they’re both gone? Sure there are funny comics but who will be the next one that inspires others? Who will be the next comic to be labeled “the most important American comic of the last 50 years”?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The picture comments below be busted for me but down there is Monaco.


    Answer to your question: John Stewart.


    Piss shit cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits.



    He was a stupid hippy who stole his style and mannerisms from Lenny Bruce.

    His jokes were either retarded hippy bullshit (“You don’t get ON a plane, you get IN a plane”) or not actually jokes but just got by one self-righteous rage. Typical later-day George Carlin Joke:

    *Audience applauds but doesn’t laugh*


    Caio, every comedian has inspirations and technically “steals” a style from someone whether they like it or not. It’s extremely hard if not nigh impossible to come up with your own style, because despite the countless numbers of comedians there are today, chances are your comedic “style” has already been used. Modern age comedians feel as if they have no choice but to steal some things here and there. Some of your favorite comedians have most likely stole at least 1 joke, and I’m sure my favorite comics have as well. Don’t get me wrong – jokes are not “free game”, however when you feel as if someone has stolen a joke unintentionally, for the most part nobody will notice.

    However there are comedians out there who just outright piss me off and steal jokes out in the open (carlos mencia, dane cook)

    George Carlin is a legend. Don’t ever speak poorly of him, or his ghost will come back and rape your mouth until you bleed snakes.


    You left out fuck, Gunface. Is that indicative of your life somehow?



    I disagree. John Stewart is VERY funny but he’s not a stand-up comic. Yes, George Carlin ventured into television and movie roles but he was, first and foremost, a comic. John Stewart is a host of a tv show. Not the same. I am looking for the next great stand-up comic.


    The difference between George Carlin and Lenny Bruce: George Carlin was funny.


    I always fall for the asshole trick. Fuck! it was way up above his waste too. if you look very carefully, you’ll see Bill Mahrer in the middle of it.

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