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    tiki god

    As many of you may have noticed, there was a complete fuck up on the site yesterday. I have no clue what the fuck was going on, and I’ve had to prune the site features and code back to a more static level. So, gone are the “random posts”, “recent comments” and “recent forum discussions”. I’m going to be editing up some of the way the comments are pulled and cached too.



    Lol. Yeah, I tried to log on and was challenged for a user/pass but I didn’t read the message. Shang (who’s desk is right next to mine) tried to log on a little later and started laughing. He pointed that out and I suggested he screenshot it.

    We both figured you were plastered again and had most likely spilled alcohol over some critical device.


    It didn’t even give me the log on thing, it just said network timed out. But I also got that on another site this morning, so I’m wondering if the internet was borked.


    I got my squirrel errors 🙁


    Yeah Tiki, its been one hell of a ride, one of my friends thought maybe you got thrown in jail or something and couldn’t properly “oversee” the site.

    Any idea on why it seems my posted pictures have been awaiting moderation for 2 weeks now? same w/ a buddy of mine…


    It went ballistic for me. I had pictures in the most randomest of places. The forum login threw out errors and everything was too damn slow.

    tiki god

    There’s been some issues with the submissions engine, and it’s best to just let them sit there waiting till I can get all the crap fixed.

    The other option is to start approving them and they just go missing completely, and then mcs burns down, and the world ends.

    Luke Magnifico

    That last option there sounds like a winner.


    Since new layout I have this in FF 2.x:

    And, no I will not install 3.x

    tiki god

    oh wow, wtf is your resolution? 960? try something that’s a little higher, like 1024


    someone needs to get off of tikis nuts, that or off their ass and go outside


    @tiki god
    1. It`s 1024. Picture resolution if funny because I make screen shot of whats in FF, not whole GD screen.

    2. It`s not about resolution, and you know it.

    tiki god

    it IS about resolution. what you’re seeing there is the div being pushed below.

    so you’re saying that you dont’ run FF in full screen?

    that’s odd.

    tiki god

    hm, I just tried it in 800×600, and didn’t get anything like what you had happen there.



    You are right, it is the resolution. My bad.
    But why the hell it works in some, and don`t work in other resolutions (1152×864, 1200×900, 1280×720 o.k. 1024×768/640/480 not o.k. 960×720, 848×480, 800×600 o.k.), and why it started when you changed layout ?

    Eye pain resolution courtesy of MultiRes.


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