vtol fighter jet

vtol fighter jet

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    Looks like a harriet jet to me. ALthugh something about i screams different, but there are only a few VTOL, i do believe. And they all look different.


    Yes this is a Harrier Jet although I can’t see any country markings on it. This jet is the mainstay of the Royal Navy’s carrier fleet but will soon be replaced with the Lockheed-Martin JSF. Also it’s not a true VTOL since when loaded with arms it can’t take of vertically and so is a STOVL.


    it’s farting


    it is a AV-8 (not sure what variant) belonging to the USMC. You can tell from the color and the markings on the nose/tail as well as the airframe. The Brits/Indians (the other users of the Harrier) have no such markings and they use the Sea Harrier which has slight structural differences.


    Seconds before it loses control and crashes…. The Harrier has just a horrific safety record.


    For most of USS Tarawa’s 05-06 deployment I was the gun mount captain of a gun mount located right under spot 7 and a half, which is where harriers (among other things) landed. These fuckers are LOUD.

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