Soft skin BMW

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bmw-lightsthrough.jpg (24 KB)

The GINA, A car covered in cloth instead of metals. There’s a movie of this at the site I found it on, the car winks at you at the end of the video.

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    Dear fuck that’s creepy.


    You think you’re creeped out now? Wait till you see crash-test videos of this thing crumpling in and then rebounding like it’s made of rubber! 2008 Bumper Cars?


    Thats actually pretty cool.


    Mmmm, photoshop.

    The Lawnmower

    1) It doesn’t look very good. I car with wrinkles when you open the door does not look cool.

    2) Can imagine how easily it would be damaged, and expensive it would be to have it repaired?


    whoever buys this will not be concerned with how much repairs are. the insurance is prolly more than your parent’s mortgage payment


    Wrinkling cars?? Yikes. I am a journeyman auto body man and painter. This looks like BIG trouble to me. If it fixes itself like “Christine”, the I like it…

    however, my genetalia is much too large to ever own a BMer. LOL


    You must be effin kidding me.. iI went to the website… watched the video…

    I have seen sports cars keyed just for being sports cars… who would buy this and park it some place other than their security-patrolled house? Cloth car? Really? Who wouldn’t knife this car? If you can afford it, you better be able to re-skin it weekly!!!

    Alec Dalek

    If only they put all this engineering into the actual cars they sell to all the pathetic wannabes that still think BMW is actually a status symbol.


    @lawnmower: One of the design goals of this car was to reduce the cost of repairs incurred in low-speed-ish accidents through easily-replaceable struts under the canvas, and I bet the canvas can just be patched like a pool liner if it ever tore (tho it’s probably near-bulletproof already).

    Think of it, no body panels to get permanently dented in, no fiberglass splintering off everywhere, no twisted frames… it’s a bodyshop’s worst nightmare!


    Who cares if it doesn’t look cool when you open the doors? Are people so insecure that they’ll submit to being judged by others, mostly people they don’t even know, because their sweet car looks a little bit funny during the five seconds it takes to get in and out of it?