The Spider-Man movie that wasn’t

spideymovie.JPG (200 KB)

A wishful fake Spider-Man poster from back before Raimi got involved.

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    bright green

    Dislike all the movies, however the comics are/were good.


    Leonardo DiCRAPio owes his career to River Pheonix’s death…


    why do people always rag on Dicaprio?

    you know you motherfuckers love his shit

    romeo and juliet

    the beach

    blood diamond

    catch me if you can

    growing pains

    basketball diaries

    gangs of new york

    quick and the dead

    motherfucking DEPARTED

    his shitty ones were like what, Critters 3?


    not a dicapriofag, just think he makes good movies even though nobody could have done a better job than tobey mac at the peterparker/spiderman role


    Nikki Cox as MJ? Oh gods…


    I agree with your list, natedog, except for The Beach. I’d quibble about The Quick and the Dead, because it’s so awful, but awful in a way that I’ll watch it whenever it’s on t.v.

    Also, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?…don’t forget that one.


    Young men bitch about him because when they were teenage boys all the teenage girls were drooling after Leonardo. Jealousy rises it’s ugly head again.

    Gilbert Grape.


    also, wtf?

    Kevin Spacey?

    Robert Guillaume?

    Bill Paxton?

    Katherine Hepburn?

    Micheal Douglas?

    who was Spacey gonna play, Osbourne? (Dafoe kicked ass in that role, btw) also Michael Douglas would have made a shitty Jameson



    Fucking Titanic.


    Titanic was a shitty guy movie. but as for chick flicks, it set the bar pretty fucking high, did it not?


    Tobey did a great job, but who knows what DiCaprio might have done with it? I don’t know what you boys are getting all riled up about.