Dream House With Armory

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text: The 1,600 Sq. Ft. Vault / Gun room is located under this 1860s Manor House.

I bet tiki wishes that MCS made enough for him to live like this. (we all do)

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    And this isn’t taking “the right to bear arms” a bit too far? I’d be terrified of anyone living near me with that kind of armoury. Thank god we have strong gun laws in Australia.


    By the look of it bluebec, they are all antiques. He’s just a collector.


    This makes me think of Tremors.


    I know this guy as many different weapons in his private museum, but it was the water-cooled Maxim machine gun that really gives it class.


    I wish I lived next door.


    this is definitely the house you want to stumble upon when the zombies come …and trust me they will come.


    i am glad people have shit like this. the right to bear arms is very important, bluebec. the Constitution was written to protect citizens from their government. the 2nd Amendment also lets a man protect himself and and his family from idiots and criminals. Also, your stupid gun laws are full of fail and AIDS. From www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=15304 Since Australia’s gun ban, armed robberies increase 45% Countrywide, homicides are up 3.2 percent; Assaults are up 8.6 percent; In the Australian state of Victoria, gun homicides have climbed 300 percent; In the 25 years before the gun bans, crime in Australia had… Read more »



    I would think there’s something wrong with whoever lives in a house like that.

    And I’d be right.

    And, natedog…WorldNetDaily?


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s awesome. I think people should be able to own whatever they want. If it’s such a problem for you then build a 1700 square foot gun vault and tell the guy to go fuck himself. Otherwise you right to cry like a pussy shouldn’t supersede his right to spend his earned money on whatever the hell he wants. Its stupid that in the same breathe someone will champion the word ‘free’ and chastise the middle east for their lack of freedom they’ll bitch with the intention of restricting others freedom. Once again I’m not American I just have a… Read more »


    Most of that stuff is WWII stuff and older.

    The M2s are still in use today (Mah Deuce warms the cockles of my heart)

    A couple AKs, FALs, a little wall of ARs but aside from that it all looks like 1950 and earlier. Still impressive stuff. Personally I love the BARs and warbabies lining the top.

    Everyone who is all freaking out about people with collections like this need to note, the whole damn set is inside of a vault. No way any bad guys are gonna lay one grubby finger on em.


    Goddamn RSI, I was about to type exactly that. Love the bit where it bursts through the wall. Badass.


    Who cares about the guns.

    I’m more interested in the plane parked in fron!


    blobeeblahh blah blah… its cool that people jump to the conclusion that this guy is a whack job… but to me this is nothing more than just a dislplay of a “collection” of guns… sure its ok to collect cards or cars or porn magazines… but NOOO ITS NOT OK TO COLLECT GUNS!!! thats just for crazy people… DO YOU SEE ANY AMMO CACHES??? didnt think so… stop jumping to conclusing fucktards…


    Simply beautiful.

    But alas, this guy (or girl) is obviously a menace to society, I wonder why his community hasn’t lynched him yet…oh wait a minute I think I might know why.

    I’m also surprised that nobody pointed out that there are obviously drugs involved here too. I mean come on, all those guns AND a private plane, you know that equals a drug lord.


    Also, to legally own full auto guns in the US, you have to get a class 3 federal firearms license (which involves every kind of check except a cavity search). It’s kind of doubtful that this gun owner is a “nut”.


    I’m not impressed by guns, but obviously he’s not going to get drunk, go down to the vault, and hoist a cannon onto his front lawn and shoot blue jays with it. If you broke into this guy’s house, it’s not like he’d have time to run downstairs and find his favorite uzi. What’s he got next to the bed, that’s all you need to be scared of.


    I just peed a little


    It’s beautiful….

    Oh, and since it’s a vault, he’s not ‘bearing’ arms, he’s owning them. My Dad has two lovely Argentinian Battle Lances in the basement- this is basically the same thing. It’s a collection of antique firearms, and it really is both stunning and historically significant. It’s not like these guns are going to walk out of the safe and shoot you.