We Will defeat the cylons! So say we all!

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We will defeat the cylons. So say we all!

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    except we ARE the cylons… a good amount of us anyways.

    Phil Elmore

    I have to admit that my attention really flagged this season, after the previous season in which approximately 60 percent of the regular cast was outed as being Cylons without their knowledge. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. Boomer, okay, that worked. But the Chief, and the XO, and that dude who was dating Starbuck for a while but was really boring? And six or seven guys in the hallway? And the janitor? And Xena? And guy from Quantum Leap? And…

    I mean, for crying out loud. I’d love for the cast to just stop in the middle of whatever they’re doing, lookt at each other, and be like, “Uh… Show of hands. Anybody here /not/ a Cylon?”


    I liked that Tigh and Tyrol and Tory were outed, but the other guy–can’t remember his name but the dull guy with nothing to do–didn’t make an impact on me or, IMO, the show. This seasons been pretty dull so far, and the far-fetched Baltar-and-his-harem storyline is plain stupid and not really in the spirit of the show. What I dislike most, though, is Starbuck’s character’s been so watered-down as to be practically unrecognizable from the first 2, maybe 3 seasons. Needs more space battles!

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