Billy Corgan – Mechanical Womb

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    John Q

    i’m a Pumpkins fan,

    but Billy Corgan is a cock.


    I’ve worked Smashing Pumpkins four times, they are, without a doubt:

    “The Worlds Most BORING Band”.

    He’s a heroin junkie. And yes, he is a prick.

    Oh, and The Beastie Boys kicked their ass at LOLLAPALOOSA. They never should have headlined… they killed the mosh pit.


    That guy is a jackass, just cause u wrote some poems when u were a child does not make u a ‘deep’ thinker!


    maybe if he could sing he wouldnt be such a dick


    IMO, he’s one of the best singers there is, just because there’s no one else that sounds anything like him. The first three albums were masterpieces, not so much lyrically, but not many bands could have pulled off songs like Soma, Rhinoceros or Zero… if Billy Corgan were to die at around 1996, the Pumpkins would have been remembered as one of the greatest bands of all time… but, lulz, he’s still alive… think about it, if Kurt didn’t top himself, Nirvana would’ve been forgotten… anywho, Corgan is an amazing musician and writer… just disregard pretty much everything he did… Read more »


    I’ve never liked them. Boring music, whiny voice, just not my cup of tea. I do like that riff they have on that new song… dunno what it is… tarantula or something… it’s a decent guitar riff.


    I used to date this girl, and she made me watch a VH1: Storytellers (or whatever it was called) with Billy Corgan; and at one point he says, “I wrote ‘today is the greatest day I’ve ever known’ while contemplating suicide,” and my girlfriend just stared straight ahead and breathed, “My god, that is so deep.”

    I dumped her ass.

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, he found a way to be more bald.

    Billy Manic

    I agree with Q-Delta. The first three albums were great. Now Billy Corgan is a pretentious douche.


    is he inside a douche bag or is the douchebag inside a bubble? confused.