Final fantasy VII – Advent Children

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    The day we get bots that look like this our society will likely fall into kaos…these pixel chicks look so much hotter than cherry 2000..


    movie wasn’t all that great.

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED their version of the song “one winged angel”


    you have to admit, tifa looked pretty damn hot in that movie


    at the risk of infuriating some of you fanboys out there… Final Fantasy hasn’t been good since the SNES… as soon as they had the technology to show us what the characters actually looked like (gay lady-men)… I denounced the franchise. I even tried to play Final Fantasy X, but that bitch Yuna pissed me off, and the guys looked like done up glam rockers. GAY!

    I’m sorry for offending those of you that I actually respect. You’re allowed your vices.

    Alpha Harrison


    i’ll give you Tidus and Wakka, but Auron is all different flavours of bad-assery, both in deed and appearance



    FFVII may be the best RPG ever created, so if you have not played that one you should try it.


    That movie was a total mess… paper-thin plot, zero character development, runaway-train pacing… nothing but pure eye candy for fanboys. Fiasco doesn’t begin to describe it.

    At least The Spirits Within attempted to have some kind of story and character development and wasn’t just Square jerking off.


    it may not be. earthbound, chrono trigger, ff4- 6, dragon quest 4, treasures of the rudra, secret of mana, link to the past


    geez i forgot lufia 2


    @ chupathingy

    Okay, I did play through some of VII and thought it was great in many ways. but i must agree with chupathingy… Earthbound and Zelda II for SNES are amazingly good. Perhaps not as in depth as FFVII, but flawless in their own right. And I did enjoy Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana.

    @ Alpha Harrison

    I can accept that. touche. I’m just a little tired of the excess of eyeliner, mascara, teased hair, and femanine-featured heroes in the FF series… just as I’m tired of the grizzled marine cliche in combat games (Snake not included).


    I meant to type Zelda III for SNES, not Zelda II. Whoops.

    tiki god

    FFIX was on the same path as all the pre-VII stuff, but like someone mentioned FFX and FFX-2 were right back to the emo bullshit


    @ tiki