Nazi olympics

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Would we have allowed Nazi Germany to host the olympics?

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    tu che


    You, Che?



    I hope that guy with teh sign killed himself.


    wow l2 histrory


    Those who don’t learn from History 101 are doomed to repeat it. 🙂


    in 1936 yes

    Alec Dalek

    LOL @ hippies!


    Yes, yes we did.


    Oh, how I love the stupid people, if it weren’t for them, the world would be a less amusing place.


    Hitler invented the olympic torch relay to distract attention from his mass murdering of millions.


    You sure it wasn’t a byproduct of his mass murdering of millions? Have to light the pilots somehow.


    If Nazi Germany was also manufacturing 70% of the products we use, we probably would’ve allowed it…


    Surely this is a pisstake to make the point. It has to be. Tell me it’s a cunning use of satire to propogate the message across the interwebs, please?


    @ Drall, lol lol lol, classic!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Point of Order: the Berlin Olympics were in 1936. The Holocaust began in 1938. The invasion of Poland was in 1939. So at the time of the Olympics there was not much to suggest that the Nazis were “bad guys”. Interestingly, the black athletes had less discrimination against them in Germany than in the US (could eat at any restaurant, could sit anywhere on the bus, etc.)


    hey reboot – when was mein kampf published? the spanish civil war was going on in 1936, as were anti-jewish pogroms. it was pretty well established except with some conservatives in the US and UK that the nazis were pretty much dicks going back to 1931. many of the people persecuted as communists got flagged by the FBI as being “premature anti-fascists”.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Was there a “good” side to the Spanish Civil War? It was communists versus fascists and both side committed their share of atrocities.
    And were the pograms in 1936 worse than the type discrimination that was going on around the world, especially in the US?
    Its really easy, in hindsight, to pick out bits and pieces and say they were obviously evil from the beginning. But history is just not that simple. Your “some conservatives” were major figures in politics and industry who either directly supported the Nazis or were in favor of strong neutrality.


    I stand corrected. Reboot makes a valid point about the timing. In 1936, most of the world was still burying their collective heads in the sand with regard to what was going on in Germany. Remember, also, that the committee that selects the host-country does so years in advance, two years before Hitler later came to power in 1933. China, however, is moving AWAY from tyranny, though they still have a long way to go. I think they shouldn’t be hosting the Olympics due to their still terrible behavior, but to compare them to Nazi Germany is pretty far-fetched. Mao… Read more »


    Someone needs to tell this person that we DID allow Nazi Germany to host the Olympics. In order to be able to instigate his plan, Hitler needed to host the Olympics. He had to make people think that he wasn’t what all the rumours were saying. It wasn’t possible for one man to be as horrible as the people were saying he was. In hosting the Olympics, Hitler was able to put doubt in the minds of people when he did start his murderous rampage. But that never happened right?-according to some anyways. An interesting thing I have found out… Read more »