Toyota Prius

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    Hybrid cars instill a powerful hatred into me.


    I hate this car but at the same time I’m jealous of the 50+ mpg.


    Its the Pious! Watch out or it’ll generate too much smug!


    Can’t stand this car and its supposed green credentials. 1) There are already more than half a dozen cars being manufactured that produce less co2 and have a higher mpg without the use of a hybrid engine system. 2) Its dust to dust carbon output (which means from construction to disposal and is the only true measure of a product’s green credentials) is crap; its only manufactured in Japan, which means its nessessary to ship it worldwide by container vessels. You’d be far better off by buying an efficent vehicle manufactured in your own country. 3) The sulphur used in… Read more »


    my choir teacher drives this
    she is super righteous about it.
    but then i tell her i ride a bike and she shut up.


    Agreed, the whole hybrid “green” thing is entirely waaay too much hype, and not enough substance. Most folks will not save enough gas over the course of the life of the car to justify it’s added expense. And while they are indeed more fuel efficient, many folks will not get the maximum fuel mileage that is commonly advertised. Add to that the environmental costs of those batteries…
    So, not only is it full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners that are actually poisonous, and artery clogging ingredients… as natedog succinctly put it… The cake is a lie.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Hey wingnuts, if you’re going to trying to provide fact, at least try to back up you’re points with some links. For example you point 3 is complete crap
    And the shipping cost part of point 2 is ridiculous. Container shipping is something like a few dollars per ton. How do you think Korean cars are cheaper in the first place?
    Hybrids aren’t perfect, but your reasoning is retarded.


    since reboot has already rebutted wingnuts on point 3 here’s why points 1 and 2 are also wrong. 1) The Prius has the highest MPG of any standard production gasoline car. Unless you are talking about experimental cars or electric only vehicles like the tesla? 2) the dust to dust report that I think you are referring to has been repeatedly shown to be bogus. phyreblade – it all depends on how and how much you drive. For example: If you drive 13,200 miles/year and get 44 average mpg in a Prius (easy to… Read more »

    tiki god

    So are you guys saying that my F150 SuperCrew that gets 15MPG might not be as awesome as a prius?

    My question is : can I have a sound system in a prius? Cause I gotta have mah bass ya’ll


    @bankshot Agreed, in fact, the Yaris thing is exactly my point. If it’s all about saving money, The Yaris is a better long term investment. Assuming you aren’t a leadfoot. Then nothing can save you. And there is still the battery issue. These cars are only green IF the batteries are properly disposed of or recycled after use, as they take up a much greater percentage of the constriction components in hybrid vehicles, and their components have a greater negative environmental impact than that of regular steel… And I’m not sure if I’m ready to trust that the auto industry… Read more »


    Not gas, but Volkswagen TDI line cars get 42MPG, not hybrid

    FYI- take the “hybrid” bits out of a Prius, and it gets better mileage.