Funnel Girls

I miss my funnel.  It was fun to use.

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    2 girls, 1 funnel


    I’d like to report a possible sighting of Epic Boobs.


    Before this point I never pictured a beer bong as a phalec symbol.


    my funnel is going strong lots of beer to be drunk.


    o btw i need some sort of tap or valve to attach to the base for easier consumption. any recomendations?


    Yup. Go to a hardware store (or plumbing supply, preferably. Water garden store will also work) with your tubing. Tell them you want a valve. They will sell you one. For instance, if you have 3/4″ tubing, you might need the following parts: 1 – S1-007w – White compact ball valve 2 – 1432-007 – Spigot to insert fittings Jar of PVC glue Or, 1 – T1-007W – White threaded ball valve 2 – 1436-007 – MIPT to insert fittings Plumbers tape or pipe thread sealant (preffered) You might need to check on how toxic the PTS and PVC glue… Read more »


    WAIT. Totally misunderstood what you wanted. I thought you just wanted a shut off. NVM. RSI Fail, bad RSI.


    Look at them jugs…

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