The first episode of this is on XBL, and is 22 minutes long.  I was only able to watch about 15 before I had to turn it off, with my childhood memories ruined.

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    Yup, that and Ulysses and Star Blazers. I’ve decided that rewatching childhood cartoons is a recipe for disaster. I haven’t found any that were good… well except for Danger Mouse and that’s passable… as is Astro Boy.

    Oh how I managed to put up with all that crap I don’t know. I still love The Goodies though, and Dr Who.


    I have to agree. I only lasted one episode and I was embarassed to have enjoyed Voltron.

    Robotech is still enjoyable.


    And I’ll form the head?


    The toys were kewl. As is the spelling ‘kewl’.


    I never watched the show, but I did have the toys when I was little. No idea where they are now though!


    hey! sven was awesome in that show!!!

    get me there quickly…


    Watching old cartoons sure is a danger. I never realised that Prince Adam and Skeletor were meant to be gay till I was an adult[not that there is anything wrong with that].

    Thundercats still rules and so do the Centurions!


    Holy shit i had that exact model of voltron. I still have the box and the toy is in an attic in new jersey.

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