Shuttle Launch Overwatch



mmmm military overwatch of a civilian agency’s launch.  yummy waste of money?

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    So would you rather ride for an hour in the F-22 or do a launch in the shuttle???

    The is so much awesome in this pic.




    “So would you rather ride for an hour in the F-22 or do a launch in the shuttle?”

    Shuttle. Hands down.


    Military overwatch is probably in place to ensure terrorists stay away from the shuttle. Plus, NASA is a federally-funded government program, it’s logical to assume that the military plays a very strong role not only in security but also in administration.


    NASA delivers military equipment to orbit.

    tiki god

    Yes, you’re right, because terrorists have a history of attacking space shuttles with their fighter jets.



    maybe not fighter jets… but civilian airliners… terrorists proved they were pretty good at flying them into objects a few years back… but im sure you dont remember that… its not about the launch yet it is about the massive crowd people in the area and the Shuttle itself while on the pad. Not to mention there is an AIR FORCE Station on the CAPE… and the MILITARY is involved in all off NASA’s dealings…. but im sure you can relate the “Yummy waste of money” when there were no jets to defend the World Trade Center and Pentagon…


    Actually, Alfalfa, it wasn’t a budget problem that left the skies undefended that day, it was the confusion. Our fighter jets were running drills for a scenario where planes were hijacked and crashed into buildings, which of course made it difficult to communicate what was really happening. That, and the whole stand-down order from Dick Cheney.

    We spend more money on planes and bombs than the next 3 countries on the list combined. We could pretty much roll out socialized health care for every man woman and child in America for the cost of a couple stealth bombers.


    : you + math = fail!

    One B2 bomber = $737 million, so a couple would be $1474 million. Now, “every man woman and child in America” (I’ll assume you meant just the US and not all of both American continents) would be 303 million people. 1474/303 = $4.86 per person. Yeah, that’ll pay for a LOT of health care!

    tiki god

    need to check your wikipedia facts again, says “The cost of the B-2 program in 1994 dollars was reported at $737 million per plane; however, the total cost of the program with development, spares, and facilities averaged over $2.1 billion per plane as of 1997 according to the B-2 program office”

    This of course is nothing compared to the 5-12 billion that’s being spent on our activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I dare say that 60 billion dollars a year would be a good start on a federally funded health system.


    @tiki god No one includes R&D, parts, repairs, and facilities in the cost of anything. You certainly don’t see it in car ads. I’d LOVE to see someone’s face if you told them the price of a car with all those added to the price tag. 🙂 Even if you DID consider all that, it’s still only $13.86 per person at that point. Better, but not exactly great coverage. You’d have to set aside that money in a fund that drew interest and hope you didn’t need it but once or twice in a lifetime. It certainly wouldn’t cover routine… Read more »

    tiki god

    The price you pay for a car includes that price. How else would they be paying for it?

    Anyways, we’re both missing the point: This image kicks ass.


    Yeah, american over indulgence kicks ass! Yay for greed!


    suicy + Education = FAIL!

    look man, i was in the air force. the reason why those planes hit was because our fighter jets were too far from location. The previous 8 years under an Administration that cut our defenses the most were mostly responsible. Not saying Bush had no info that could have prevented that. but on 9/10 no one would believe anyone capable of flying a kamikaze into buildings. all communication failed that day do to the lack of funding and CIA and FBI to keep critical information from each other. and as a result we all know.