Monopoly Money


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    I was actually thinking of investing in monopoly money.

    Given the steady decline in the value of the US dollar, it appears to be a wise investment.


    Yeah?! well that aint a real breakfast!


    Didn’t some kid pay for a TV in monopoly money, and got away with it?


    lol, some lady got away with a $200 bill. It had at time, current president clintion, I think it was at kash n’ kary


    A few years ago in Köln some guy passed off a whorehouse coupon to a store cashier.

    It was the wrong color, a non-existent denomination (I believe 75€) and had pictures of strippers and girl giving a blow-job on it.

    It was hard to feel sorry for the cashier who was scammed.


    Who knew that monopoly could be so riddled with counterfeiters…


    I submitted the George W. Bush $200 bill that was passed off to a WalMart cashier a few years ago, but Tiki didn’t think it was good enough.

    Now, Monopoly money, that’s better.

    tiki god

    context is everything….had there been some explanation on why a 25pixel wide postage stamp of a poorly photoshopped dollarbill was being submitted it might have had a chance in hell to be posted. A small almost non perceivable one, but a chance none the less



    ‘Tis good to be God, yes?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ack’s comment give me an idea:
    Currently the dollar’s value is based solely on “the good faith and credit the United States government”, and consequently freefalling in value. Gold standard isn’t much better, since the availability of gold doesn’t scale to modern economies.
    But SEX-BASED currency has a lot of potential. Just fix the value of the dollar to a various sex acts. Instead of maintaining a gold reserve Fort Knox and NY Federal Reserve would be brothels. It would be the most stable currency EVAR.


    Tiki: the image was 575×502, not “postage stamp” sized, and I included at least 2-3 sentences explaining the significance of the image. I don’t know whose submission you’re talking about.


    I pay for my hookers and crackwhores in monopoly money

    tiki god

    talking about your submission!


    : Good idea, but fixing prices (as opposed to pegging currency to one rare resource) has always been a disaster in practise. I’ll leave why to the theorists but there are thousands of examples collapsing under this policy going right back to ancient rome.