The Pentagon’s Raygun

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I know some of you have seen this, but its still really cool.
The Pentagon’s Raygun

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    Doesn’t it essentially microwave you?


    Yes, it does microwave you, but only the outermost layer of skin. I’m a little skeptical of it being completely harmless.


    Active Denial System


    RF burn sucks. No matter how intense it is. It’s literally like being microwaved…cooked from the inside out.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    RF = Radio Frequency != microwave.
    A 95 GHz wave is only slightly more energetic than your wireless internet. There is probably still some chance of real injury (especially your eyes), but its better than rubber bullets.


    Am I the only one freaked out by the fact that they could make this a LOT more powerful if they wanted to?

    Alec Dalek

    I thought he was dead.


    This is for those stupid anarchrist at those G8 summits, you know the loser idiots who wear the black mask and set fire to businesses because their bored. Screw ’em, fuck the non-lethal shit and shoot the upper middle class anti-whateverisfashionable punks.


    what other countries have this.
    it microwaves you,
    another reason to NOT FUCK WITH AMERICA.

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