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I saw a concept demo of this game when they first announced it. To be quite honest, the idea of the way creature development is supposed to work in the game gives me multiple nerdgasms… I seriously hope they don’t screw it up…

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    I saw the guy interviewed on the Steven Colbert show, and it looked too complicated for me. I don’t like my brain to hurt playing video games. I still play Diablo II. Give me a good straightforward shoot em up like Doom any day. Screw Tom Clancy and his small squad based tactics, I’ll frag my own team and go lone wolf.


    tom clancy games are teh gay-zorz. But spore looks really interesting. One of the reasons i plan to upgrade my computer. When’s the release?


    I cant wait for this to come out! I’ve already pre-ordered it on amazon.com

    the only thing that worries me though, I hope I’m not going to have to upgrade my computer too much to play. the graphics are pretty light, they shouldnt put too much strain on a GFX card, I’m more worried about whether my RAM is up to the task of keeping track of where everything is


    /me want


    The constant hiatus makes me think that they will take out all the cool concepts from the game, just like in B&W II.


    I’ve wanted Spore since it was first introduced. I especially like the video from E3 with Robin Williams demonstrating the game. From what I’ve recently heard, though, they’ve already messed it up.


    I like the word nerdgasms. I go now


    do want.


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