I Am Legend.

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Theatrical Poster For Will Smiths new movie. Not like the subject matter hasn’t been done a gazillion times, but I’m a sucker for zombie flicks and it looks quite promising…
From Here:

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    Alexis Rose

    Nothing like the book from what I’ve seen so far…I had to read it for a class I just finished where we studied Vampires in literature and history…


    Well, there have already been two movies based on it (the book I’m guessing, I haven’t read it myself)
    The Omega Man (1971) (posters.imdb.com/title/tt0067525/)
    and Last Man on Earth (1964) (posters.imdb.com/title/tt0058700/)

    So it may be a rehash of those, which could be loosely based on the book. Either way, I’m always down for a zombie flick.


    Seems to me Will Smith is into doing doomsday-ish movies? I, Robot and now this? Hell yes!


    No, they were annoying as hell when they were filming this movie.. always shutting down streets.. BOO, I say!!


    I liked the last man on earth more it had Vincent Price and it was less political. Just my 2 cents


    They could probably film Will Smith reading his mail, and it would make millions of dollars.

    …I’d probably be in line, too.

    But the movie looks pretty good, I’m reading the book now, and I think it’s got potential.

    Luke Magnifico

    Apparently, they already have a sequel in the works, also starring Will Smith. But if it’s a remake of Omega Man, how can Smith star in the sequel?


    From the trailers, it looks like they removed all the good points of the original story. They are supposed to be vampires, not crazy mutant monsters. It destroys any possibility of keeping the fantastic ending of the book.

    Alexis Rose

    also…the main character in I Am Legend the novel is very clearly blonde with blue eyes and lives in California. I don’t know where they could get black guy in New York, but I digress…I still don’t know where they got anything in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, that movie was extremely wrong.


    It turned out to be good. Not the best movie ever but in theatres it’ll get your hear pounding worth the ten bucks.

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