Aircraft Carrier Fuckup



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    They’re just turning it around…


    lol, that’s weak.. you can even see the tug-boats turning the ship around..


    Kids, don’t drink and skipper an Aircraft Carrier.

    /think of the children
    //even worse than getting behind the wheel of a steamroller


    The water is discolored just around the bow…

    Maybe it hit or is leaking something?
    That would suck.


    theres 2 kinds of discoloured water, the wake of the small boat and also something that looks like a sandbank. i think the sandbank is the “fuck” part of this picture 😛


    one would think there would be no sand bars in a port like this.


    What!? They don’t teach 3 point turns in carrier pilot school?

    Carbon Copy

    Maybe the guy just doesn’t like aircraft carriers. Like if he was a jealous frigate captain, or a cop who is wanting to avenge the death of his fiance, who had an ultimately fatal extra-marital affair with an aircraft carrier, or a port crane operator, who was laid off his job at coincidentally the same time that an aircraft carrier was in port, or perhaps a writer who was intending to write a film script wherein an aircraft carrier would be centrally involved but was told that the financial and logistical issues involved in including an aircraft carrier in a moderate budget film would make its inclusion impractical, or if he was the ghost of a jet pilot who had an unsuccessful landing on an aircraft carrier, and communicated his disdain to a truly gifted television psychic, or he engaged in a risky, but potentially high return investment with an aircraft carrier as a silent partner, who dishonoured their agreement, citing in its decision the current financial market instability. Perhaps


    Look at all the oil or w/e that they leave behind.


    Look, the one of the left is pushing, the one of the right is pulling, pretty obvious from the discolouration of the water on the far side of the carrier which is probably from wake. And yeah, they probably put a fair bit of pollution into the water cause they have to use so much power to move a behemoth like a fully laden carrier!!

    …crappy picture if you ask me 😛 not funny at all when you actually realise that all seems well…


    The discoloration is mud being churned off the bottom by the carrier’s engine.


    Another 3 wasted hours of a Sailors life (x 1000)… What port is this BTW?


    I couldn’t find any news stories of recent aircraft carrier fuck-ups…


    It’s not an Aircraft Carrier fuckup. It’s being turned around by the tugs. the discoloration of the water near the bow is mud being churned up on the bottom, which happens any time a largeish ship is turned around like that.

    based on the pier and the coloration of the tugs, i’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s in Jebel Ali, UAE.


    Yeah, that looks to be about right… I have a hard time remembering Alley though, since dollar beer on the pier was practically the only entertainment there.. plus it is one of the only pier-side ports for a big deck.. (crawl to my rack when liberty expires..)

    The Big 1

    It was at Fremantle Harbour in Western Australia. If I remember correcty it was the USS Kitty Hawk,and at the time it was the largest ship to dock at the port. Normally the aircraft carrier would park outside the port. They spent the previous fortnight dredging the port to help deepen it.

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