Armored Gaming Heroes



except that one dude, isn’t he a villian?

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    Yeah, last dood on the right is definitely a bad guy… Why is Master Chief aiming his weapon at me?


    And why isn’t Samus naked and laying gon my bed?


    I would love to see the John and samus get together. The spartan wouldn’t stand a chance.

    And yeah, that 3rd guy is a helgahst, from the AWFUL sony series Killzone.


    I played Killzone for like eight seconds and gave up because you can’t jump, except when there’s an obstacle. Fail, sony, fail, bad company.


    I dunno about how easy it would be for Samus to take on MC. They are essentially the same. Both Samus and John are a genetically engineered super soldiers with power suits. Perhaps, suit and weapon wise, Samus has the edge, but besides that, the only real difference is Samus was modified by an alien race (the Chozo) with alien DNA and John-117 was enhanced with cybernetic implants and genetic modification.

    My money says it would be an even match… 🙂

    PROOF!(Not John-117 though… Perhaps a Spartan MKIII?? 🙂 )


    Phyreblade, that video is AWESOME! Thanks!


    You are welcome. Note, also, that the Spartan III wasn’t really looking to fight Samus to begin with…:P LOL


    This is so many levels of awesome!
    Although,that’s not Master Chief;
    She´s a SPARTAN-II soldier named Nicole-458