Patrick Stewarts Killer Mustache

Patrick_Stewart_Killer_Tache.jpg (39 KB)

Yay or Nay?

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    I’m going to go with Yea, he looks like a badass now

    T G Geko

    Yea he can grow hair on his face but not on his head

    Luke Magnifico

    Patrick Stewart is the manliest man to ever have manned


    “Do you have any Gatorade? I seem to have left all my electrolytes with your Daughter.”


    I would give all my daughters to this man.


    – I wouldn’t. Check this out:


    I always find it hilarious how dads get about their daughters, like they didn’t have to steal someone else’s daughter away from them in order to make one of their own. They act as if they never, ever, did anything to make their own daughters feel bad. *evah*

    That being said, I hope I never have a daughter. I might kill someone…


    Actually, IF not only I ever get laid, but have child, I hope I will have a daughter. I’m connected more to my mother’s sid eof the family, and I think my dad changed his name when he was young, so no need to uphold my family name. And If I have a daughter, I will wont get oll freaked out when somebody touch her or someting. I just shoot him in the knees. Probably paralizing him for a life.


    Actually in order to induce paralysis, you’d need to shank him in the spine. But I feel ya, man, I feel ya..


    LOL you guys.

    I am protective because I know how adolescent boys can be; I used to be one 🙂

    I don’t know if Tiki will allow this or not but you can see my girls here:

    I hope I did that right. I am older (30), and just missed the technology revoltion. I can change rotors in a truck but cannot post a hot-link to my name like you guys can.



    Obviously I kant spel eether.


    I don’t care for most american women, too much pride/don’t know how good they have it/will lie cheat and betray just to get their way.It’s exactly these kind of overbearing fathers who turn their ‘little princess’ into the kind of whores we see today.Treat a girl exactly how you’d treat a boy and will get the same results.

    Self respect.
    Athletic capability.
    Ability to shut the fuck up.

    No I don’t care for you feminist blaze blah,go vote hilary if you’re so hardcore.


    This is kind of disturbing.



    I don’t have any boys but would treat them the same as my girls. I am not an overbearing Father*, just protective as any parent is.

    You obviously don’t have children.

    *Yes, I am a Dude, which is why your feminist comment confused me. Of course I am from the sticks so that isn’t hard to do 🙂


    Spoiled, overbearing and proud women can come from any culture. And I really don’t care for any of them. Find a good, honest woman who isn’t proud, but self-confident, speaks her mind without malice, and doesn’t allow her emotions to rule her actions, and you will have found gold. But they are *very* hard to find nowadays.

    Ironically, I see the same kind of behavior in a lot of guys. Which is funny because both sides keep pointing finger at each other. Everyone has this seriously flawed sense of entitlement these days. At least here in ‘merca…

    Anyway, the thing is, you don’t necessarily have to treat a girl the same as a boy in order to raise a a good woman. Men and women are different at both a genetic and emotional level. You cannot ignore those differences. However you can instill good, positive values in any child, regardless of those differences.

    OK. I’m done. I’ll step away from the podium now… 😛

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