Minesweeper Epic Fail

FAIL_by_LoRd_CoNNoR.jpg (64 KB)

Nobody has ever failed quite as badly as you just did.

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    God damn, that’s funny.


    I got an extra laugh when I tried to replicate this (thinking they just had a large playing grid with a high number of mines). Apparently, unless I have godly luck, it’s impossible* to lose on the first turn.

    * Unless, of course, your ability to fail has reached epic proportions.


    nocash: as you can see, there’s only one mine on the entire field.


    Seriously. How badly would you have to have offended lady luck in order for this to happen…


    Ahem, this is impossible in the Windows Minesweeper. The game generates the field only after the first click is performed, making it impossible to lose on the first click.

    Ignorance was bliss, wasn’t it?


    Fuck you I’m keeping my Lulz.


    Wow, unknown, way to kill a joke for no reason. Except maybe to display your amazing minesweeper expertise. In which case: Good job, you know everything about minesweeper.


    no this is “Epic Minesweeper”


    actually, i’ve lost on the first turn plenty of times, especially when clicking in the corners.


    I disagree. All that means is that the fates actually conspired against this player to ensure that a bomb existed under the first tile that got clicked.

    This player did not just phail. It was, in fact, A MEGA EPIC PHAIL of BIBLICAL proportions.

    My lulz remain inviolate. 😛

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