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…Its a legitimate stratagy.

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    a strategy for fags with out any combat honor

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    nkv, you better be talking about about some video game or some shit, because I don’t want to hear you thinking there’s such a thing as combat honour, god damnit.


    It’s so lame when I see people just sitting there, and BAM, I’m dead. It’s like they need to get the kill for satisfaction or something…satisfaction of being a camping little pussy.


    For those who don’t know, its from Red vs Blue -making fun of casemod’s problem there.

    This image is one of their t-shirts:


    LOL, you know, I actually find campers an interesting challenge. There’s nothing more satisfying than creeping up on a camper and stabbin’ em with a knife. Or shooting them through their scopes (if they have them). Much like nkv and casemods, I find most people spend so much time whining about campers that they stop trying to figure out how to to deal with them. Barring haxxoring bastiges, there is generally always a few different ways of dealing with a camper, if you actually apply yourself, rather than just get frustrated… Of course if you suck, then it won’t matter… Read more »


    Man, whining about campers is like whining about “FUKK MAN, I’VE STEPPED ON 7 NADES AND I DEID, FUCK”
    Go into Solid Snake, find the camper then fry his ass. What do you think, what does real life snipers does in wars?


    Yes Hepathos, but CS and other games aren’t sniper only…in fact the sniper is prob the least used gun


    LOL, sniper, AK-74, no matter. I’ve actually been accused of sniping with a Deagle. Point is, There is always a way to take a camper out… Your job is to find it…


    I’ve gotta agree with phyreblade. I actually kinda like it when I find a camper because either I kill him and feel great for making up for him getting the drop on me, or he kills me, and I begin my revenge-obsession for 1-3 kills. It makes games fun! 🙂


    Max, that is almost never the case.

    Crouching and not moving gives you better accuracy and less recoil, giving the camper a 20% increase in skill. Moving standing up makes it so inaccurate and gives a lot more recoil.

    And co-op makes games more fun btw 😉


    campers only suck when there spawn camping


    But you are also overlooking the fact that they are much more susceptible to diversions and sneak attacks from uncovered directions. I have yet to play a game where a camper was so well embedded that I was entirely unable to do anything about it (barring glitching and/or hax). It may take a few deaths to figure it out, but there is always a way…