The Gameboy Printer and Camera


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    Only 3 more rolls of paper till my senior thesis is done printing…


    My Pokemans. Let me print you them…


    lol phyrblade.

    I think this is how camera phones got introduced.


    Maybe, but I’m seriously not seeing how great a picture you could possibly take with an monochromatic LCD viewfinder… LOL


    The original game boys that these were made for were dot matrix

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    casemods, what was dot matrix?
    the printer? No, the game boy printer was a thermal printer.
    The game boy, itself? How does that even mean? How can a game boy be “dot matrix”? Do you know what the term means?
    How can you possibly be so wrong on everything you post? The mind boggles.


    ROFL! AT LAST!! For once Casemods is actually correct, though I have the distinct feeling he doesn’t truly understand why. A dot matrix refers to a specific display type that uses a matrix of dark or light dots to depict alphanumeric characters or images, not the equipment that uses them. Early line printers used dot matrices to generate alphanumeric characters and such, but the dot matrix display scheme is not limited to printers alone. They are used for many modern electronic printer displays, as well as a plethora of small electronic devices, using leds, LCDs and such. Early gameboys just… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Technically he is correct, but that usage is its still nonsense.
    Dot Matrix is a type of display, but every lcd display is dot matrix. The game boy is dot matrix, the psp is dot matrix, your laptop is dot matrix. That description is so obvious and universal that its non-information. He might have well have said, “The original game boys that these were made for were electronic”. duh, but what does that have to do with the printer?


    God, it says “DOT MATRIX (with stereo sound)” right on the screen.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Right, and like I said every commercial lcd display is dot matix WTF does that have to do with the printer?

    My point is, I don’t think you knew the difference between a dot matrix display and a dot matrix printer and you tried to sound smart by using terms you don’t understand. So why don’t you leave the brevity do someone who is witty and explain why you thought that pointing out an obvious property of the display was relevant to a discussion about the printer ?


    Scrolling up is your friend 😉

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “Maybe, but I’m seriously not seeing how great a picture you could possibly take with an monochromatic LCD viewfinder… LOL”
    “The original game boys that these were made for were dot matrix”

    Is that what you were replying to? Because it still doesn’t make sense, because AGAIN: every. lcd. display. is. dot. matrix. My Digital SLR is dot matrix. The CCD on the Hubble is dot matrix. I would link to a definition of dot matrix display, but I thinks its funnier if you just continue to display your ignorance.


    Actually, he was talking about the camera, not the printer.

    Not to mention that not every LCD display is a dot matrix display. You also have segment displays, which are an application specific variation of the pixel display, such as the popular 7, 14 and 16 segment displays used in calculators.

    Also, lots of small, early hand held electronic games like Donkey Kong and such used a whole bunch of specially shaped LCD segments, not dot matrices, for the display. (Though I’m not sure he know that.)

    Either way, please do not begrudge him his win… LOL

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ok, phyreblade your actually doing a better job of defending casemods than he is of defending himself. Which only goes to prove my point, that casemods has no idea what he is taking about. There are lcd diplays that are not dot matrix (like segment displays). And there were a lot of Tiger games and such that used segment displays. But that’s a “lower” technology, not a general purpose display. And all of my examples, from your laptop to the Hubble, are dot matrix. Pointing out minor technical discrepancies in my rhetoric doesn’t change that casemods obviously thought that “dot… Read more »


    Does anyone still have one of these bad boys? … I still have the camera, but I never got the printer.


    Early gameboys were powered by electricity via batteries.


    Yeah, in fact, early gameboys even let you play games.


    We were talking about the camera and the gameboy displays, which is why I think he was referring to the display and not a printer. Yes he made a blatantly obvious, and possibly poorly understood statement, but at least he actually looked it up this time, which is a vast improvement on his current track record. This is a behavior I’d like to encourage…


    BTW did you know that early gameboys came with Tetris? 😀


    Early gameboys, largely confined to the surface of this island earth, shared the same weight and mass, ignoring wear and tear.


    All I said was The original game boys that these were made for were dot matrix.

    That’s all. srsly wtf



    I still have my GB camera and printer. And by golly they still work, too, but only with my GBA SP. DX dropped the backward compatibility. Ah well, progress marches on…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Caio gets it. Thanks. For a while there I was having one of those “I am the only sane person on Earth?” moments.


    I’ve still got the printer, GB and GB Colour aswell as the camera (incl. some editing program). I used to print out little marios.. Glad to know two other people kept them *cheers*

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