halo – combat evolved


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    T G Geko

    No no no. Its Combat Intelligently Designed.


    Devolved is closer to reality.


    How ’bout Combat Intelligently Devolved…
    That work for everyone?
    Geez… Why do I have to do everything…?! 😛


    This brings back some good times, before I cared so much about every fucking detail about a game.

    I bought it for $20, and it ran ok on 64mb integrated.

    I also remember hosting games on it.

    Good times, good times.

    The only bad thing about this game is the accuracy.

    There is like 20 places a bullet could go inside your cross hair, but there is a way to take that away, the only bad thing is that NO servers have that enabled as far I as I remember, so it’s like your the gun has force feed back.

    The vehicles aspect of the game is what most people enjoy, and few games have vehicles and infantry.


    Yeah the vehicles, and also to a great extent, the AI and the environment, were a great part of this game. Nowadays a lot of games have them, and better environmental effects to boot, so I’m not entirely sure what the draw is…


    shit sucks


    shit sucks

    That’s why there are still 690 servers for Halo PC (the original Halo) and 160 servers for (the continuously growing) Halo Custom Edition (Halo CE)


    You cannot base greatness on popularity. MySpace is the most visited website, does that make it good?


    Again, it’s all a matter of opinion 😉

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