Sarah is hot

Sarah and her tits are hot.

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    Om nom nom nom!! Shes delicious!


    Funny and hot? Sold!


    There are three women whom I would marry immediately if given the opportunity. Sarah Silverman comes in second on that list.


    She’d look better with my balls resting on her chin.




    But where would that put your pen…oh.


    Hee hee, only through the hole in the sheet….

    Gawd I loves me that woman. She is soooo dirty and hot at the same time. Jimmy Kimmel is a lucky sumbitch.


    am i the only one that threw up a little when i saw this picture? she’s not funny, she’s a parasite of Jimmy Kimmel. you wanna know who is really hot? Alizée. Post some fucking pics of her. Not this ho bag.


    She looks like she has a chocolate milk moustache, her right side, our left. I don’t like mean humor.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I think you must be.

    She’s funny as hell as was famous WAY before Kimmel. If anything he owes his relationship to his success not the other way around.

    And she’s very funny too. Her lemonaids joke never gets old. Her show is always really good.


    Ailzee’s got a big forehead.


    You mean a fivehead.

    8870949 probably thinks that hispanic bitch with the fat cellulite riddled ass is hot too. I don’t remember her name because the nastiness of her burned it out of my brain.

    And, yes, Sarah was doing comedy YEARS before she ever got with Kimmel. Her show is hilarious.

    And for those of you who don’t like “mean humor”, may I suggest you go back to daycare where they’ll be happy to coddle you to your heart’s content. Boo freakaty hoo. Welcome to the jungle baby….YOU’RE GONNA DIIIIEEEEE!


    Lisa is evil, but i’ve loved her on every Comedy Central Roast i’ve seen her in.


    Wow. I find her ugly and incredibly irritating… I was honestly surprised to find that people find Sarah attractive and funny.


    Just as much as I’m sure people are honestly surprised to find out you get laid without having to pay for it. But then again, I guess the fat girls aren’t as picky as the hot ones.


    Cute but vile….that about the most apt description of her I’ve heard yet.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Can’t we all get along? What about those of us who find both Sarah and Alizee to be “teh hawtt”? I, for one, would not mind being the meat in a Sarah-Howie-Alizee sandwich.


    An S.H.A.? Put a tomato in there and it’s a S.H.A.T. sandwich.


    So what would that make the sandwich if Iman took Alizee’s place…

    (disclaimer: Iman is way to skinny to be attractive to anyone but those who idolize anorexic models, however she was the only “I” name I could think of…)


    Plus she used to be a man.


    I must be the only one here to not find her attractive.


    Iman used to be a man, not Sarah.

    And no Dreth, there’s a couple others who agree with you, myself not being one of them, but that’s ok. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that.

    Jesus Christ



    wow guys… she’s repulsive.
    at least now i understand why her show is still on i guess.


    Ugly and not funny at all. Also, her voice annoys me almost as much as Fran Drescher.


    She’s one of thos women who would look a whole lot better with her face down in a pillow with her ass up in the air.

    She’s one of those women who be a lot more attractive if she’d shut the fuck up and go make a sammich.

    She’s be a whole lot sexier if she was shy and didn’t try to make eye contact with every person she met.

    She is not funny at all her timing is way off and barely registers on my man-o-meter of humor.

    But despite all her flaws and lack of talent she just won’t let go of the teat that is success and fame, so kudos for puttin up with ours’ and everyone else’s shit.

    And for putting Paris in her place so i didn’t have to.

    TLDR:LOL titties!


    “am i the only one that threw up a little when i saw this picture? she’s not funny, she’s a parasite of Jimmy Kimmel. you wanna know who is really hot? Alizée. Post some fucking pics of her. Not this ho bag.”

    i totally agree. she’s not attractive at all and she’s a total bitch. Who the hell is Alizee?

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