Axe Advertisement – Bath Tub


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    I have to say, while the Axe commercials are clever and funny, it’s just getting too much. It doesn’t even smell that good.

    Jesus Christ

    Axe’s advertisement method always struck me as immature.


    Are they the one’s that do the “release your inner sex god” type commercial? I don’t think that kind of ad appeals to me, but I do prefer their Phoenix spray.


    old spice kicks the shit outta axe


    I’m guessing Axe is the American name for what is called Lynx in England? Cos they have the same shaped bottles, and Lynx’s slogan is ‘The Lynx Effect’

    And the logo on the bottle looks the same.


    Same thing, Ben.

    I’ve applied some, and alas, I did not have a mob of hot co-eds stampeding down the street for me.

    I should honestly sue for false advertising, because nowhere in the commercials does it say “Results may vary.”

    Frank McColbert

    For me it worked.


    I picked up some red axe bath gel in a discontinued bin. Smelled ok to me (I’m a girl), but did no one realize that red gel=pink froth when it gets wet? No guy is going to soap up with pink frothy foam, no wonder it got discontinued!


    First off, any guy who uses “bath gel” isn’t a man. I can see body wash for the shower, or shampoo or something, but, bath gel? Why not call it “girly man bubble bath pink fun time rainbow gel”


    Secondly, how can she breathe under there, unless he has some sort of method for forcing air through his urethra, like those guys squirt milk from their eyes on Guinness Records. Am I supposed to believe that’s a guy’s bathroom? He loses major points for the wicker shelf with flowers and stuff. If that’s her place, shouldn’t he be the gracious guest and service her? Seems only fair.


    Does no one else notice that THERE IS NO FAUCET. How the hell did the water get there in the first place? IS there even water? This commercial is all flavors of wrong.


    OBVIOUSLY servants bring heated buckets in from outside.


    I’m getting sick of these Axe advertisments. No girl is going to get insanely horney about a guy’s smell.
    As someone already pointed out, the product doesn’t even smell all that great.


    Next time someone sprays axe around me I’ll probably kill them. Idiots like to go overkill on the shit… The only real use of the stuff is for camp flamethrowers.


    Those legs clearly belong to a bro.

    “Did you poor axe body spray on this?”
    “…A can and a half…”


    I hate, loathe, am thouroughly replussed by the smell of Axe products. And I’m a girl. My sister, however, is mad for the stuff.

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